Bas Bekkers

Assistant Professor

Dr Bas Bekkers studied Medicine at Maastricht University and started his cardiology training in 1997 at Maastricht UMC+, The Netherlands. He was a research fellow at Krannert Institute, IUPUI, Indianapolis, USA, performing research in the field of angionesis/arteriogensis in 2001. He obtained his PhD degree at Maastricht University for investigating the characteristics of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) in acute and chronic myocardial infarction. As of 2003, he works as a cardiologist at Maastricht UMC+, specialised in echocardiography and CMR.

His main field of interest and expertise is non-invasive cardiovascular imaging, especially cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) and echocardiography. His research focusses on the clinical use of these imaging techniques in patients presenting with arrhythmias and (suspected) acute myocardial infarction.

Department of Cardiology
P. Debeyelaan 25, 6229 HX Maastricht 
PO Box 5800, 6202 AZ Maastricht
T: +31(0)43 387 70 97

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