Carine Peutz-Kootstra

Associate professor

Dr Carine Peutz-Kootstra (1967) obtained her MD PhD degree at Leiden University in 1997 on a thesis titled: 'Immunopathology of experimental lupus nephritis'. After her training as pathologist in Utrecht she started working in Maastricht in 2002 with a specific interest in renal, autopsy and immunopathology. In 2003/2004 she did a fellowship in renal pathology in Seattle, WA, USA. She has always combined patient care, research, education and management activities. In pregraduate education she has been involved in the curriculum of 'arts-klinisch onderzoeker' as counselor and in the international track of medicine as block coordinator in 'Diabetes, obesity and Lifestyle'.  She has also been active in the residency programme for pathologists and participated nationally in the introduction of a novel pathology reimbursement system.  

Her research activities are centred around the prevention of chronic kidney disease, and its link with cardiovascular disease. She specifically focusses on the role of microvascular (in-) stability in progression of renal inflammation and fibrosis. In her studies, financed amongst others by the Dutch Kidney Foundation, she implements state-of-the art techniques to unravel pathophysiological pathways in tissue, such as mass spectrometry imaging. She recently embarked on projects to study the role of the kidney in maintaining microvascular stability in other organs, e.g. heart and brain. In her studies she always aims to translate experimental findings to patient care (from bench to bedside), and back.

Department of Pathology
Verheylaan 10, 6229 HX Maastricht
PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht
T: +31(0)43 387 66 20

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