23 October 2017

Bootcamp in Entrepreneurial Innovation in Orphan Diseases - Leuven, 23-25 October 2017

From October 23 until October 25, 2017, the Bootcamp in Entrepreneurial Innovation in Orphan Diseases takes place in Leuven. This event is a part of Horizon 2020 project called PROFILE which is an industrial doctorate program. The program has many partners and CARIM is one of them. 

What are the key drivers and resistors for development of diagnostics and therapeutics in orphan diseases?

How to build a value proposition and sustainable business plan in this setting?

When moving outside R&D, which additional challenges arise?

How to design clinical trials and establish strategic partnerships?

Which efforts can be undertaken to ensure access and affordability of orphan disease drugs?

Click here for more information: http://www.itn-profile.eu/bootcamp-entrepreneurial-innovation-orphan-diseases/