31 October 2018

Call for research projects for master Biomedical Sciencses (MBS), bachelors Biomedical Sciences (BBS) and Health Sciences (GW)

Dear colleagues

You are kindly invited you to submit Junior Practical Training (JPT) projects for students in their first year of the Biomedical Sciences (MBS f.k.a. BMS) master and/or for the third year students of the bachelors BBS (f.k.a. BMW) and GW-BGZ. The JPT in the master MBS is 12 weeks (± April-July) and the bachelor internships are 10 or 12 weeks for BBS or GW respectively (± April-July). It is also still possible to upload projects for the HFIM master (± 24 wks Jan-Jun).

You can upload/update your projects at https://fhmlweb.unimaas.nl/Stage/Aanbieder/Default.aspx. When creating a project, you can specify (by checking the appropriate boxes) for which programmes your project should be made available. ATTENTION: If you already uploaded one or more projects last year(s), they will still be present, but may be marked as INactive (ALL projects were inactivated as of October 1st!). You only have to check the 'Active' checkbox in order to make them available again, but please check if the content needs to be updated anyway.

For MBS JPTs: Please read the JPT information and detailed JPT-specific upload instructions:  http://fhmloisrv1501.unimaas.nl/pul/call-4-JPT-projects-2018-2019-MBS.pdf 

For HFIM the project must related to a health-food-innovation relevant question. More information: http://fhmloisrv1501.unimaas.nl/pul/docs/HFIM-Call-for-Projects-Int.docx

The deadline for uploading/reactivating projects is October 31, 2018!

Note: You may receive this call for projects via other ways and from other programmes as well. The advantage is that all programmes make use of the same project database, so you only have to upload the project once and you can (de)select suitability for other programmes at any time – you might need to enter some additional info however for certain programmes, for which separate sheets will appear within these projects.

Thank you very much for your collaboration!

Herman Popeijus (thesis coordinator bachelor GW-BGZ)

Lars Eijssen (thesis coordinator bachelor BMW)

Harry Gosker (internship coordinator of JPT/SPT MBS & HFIM)