15 August 2016

Clinical Needs Translation Award for Matthijs Cluitmans and collaborators

CARIM PhD student Matthijs Cluitmans and his collaborators have been awarded the ‘Clinical Needs Translational Award’ for their work on advanced imaging methods to investigate cardiac arrhythmias. Electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI) allows medical doctors and scientists to noninvasively investigate a patient’s electrical heart activity directly at the heart surface. The technique achieves this by employing mathematical formulations to reconstruct the electrical potentials at the level of the heart muscle, from extensive body-surface electrocardiograms and a digitized patient-specific body and heart geometry. Cluitmans has set up and validated ECGI in Maastricht during his PhD research, in close collaboration with the Departments of Cardiology and Radiology of MUMC+, and the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering of Maastricht University. He also applied this technique in patients to support catheter ablation procedures, and to improve understanding of cardiac arrhythmias in patients and guide therapy.

Recently, Cluitmans developed and validated a novel technique to accurately compute the activation and recovery isochrones on the heart surface, with collaborators from Northeastern University in Boston, USA. The Clinical Needs Translational Award is a collaborative award between Computing in Cardiology (CinC) and the Working Group on e-Cardiology of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). With this award, CinC and ESC acknowledge the quality of the work of Cluitmans and collaborators and aim at further stimulating the translational component of engineering research to clinical needs. With his dual background as a medical doctor and biomedical engineer, Cluitmans also aims at bringing these two fields closer together. He will defend his PhD thesis on Thursday 29 September at 16.00hrs in the Aula of Maastricht University.

The award will be acknowledged at the ESC Congress on August 29 in Rome, Italy, and at the CinC Conference on September 14 in Vancouver, Canada.