24 January 2018

Cum Laude Noreen van der Linden

On January 19, Noreen van der Linden from the Central Diagnostic Laboratory defended her PhD thesis and received the judicium cum laude.

Noreen's thesis is entitled: “Cardiac troponins: State of the (He)Art: towards optimization of interpretation.” Promotors: Prof. Marja van Dieijen Visser and Prof. Luc van Loon; copromotor: Dr Steven J.R. Meex.

Her thesis addressed the release of cardiac troponin and its subsequent clearance from the circulation in healthy individuals, and those with renal disease.  Her studies challenge conventional wisdom and suggest that elevated cardiac troponin concentrations in patients with chronic kidney disease are due an increase in the release of cardiac troponin and active myocardial injury, rather than a consequence of impaired filtration and clearance. Also, a novel diagnostic algorithm to improve rule out of acute myocardial infarction in patients with chest pain  at the cardiac emergency unit was proposed.