14 December 2018

CVON RECONNECT Talent program grant for Emma Robinson

Dr Emma Louise Robinson (Dept. of Cardiology) has been awarded a CVON RECONNECT Talent Program grant. 

Emma will join this exciting new consortium (CVON2017) and work together with other major Dutch academic medical centers, in particular with teams from Erasmus MC Rotterdam and UMC Utrecht. 

Her research will reveal the functional epigenetic changes in the different cell types of the heart and vasculature that underlie the pathophysiology of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. In addition, she will conduct a multi-center study on a novel candidate gene that shows potential as a biomarker for HFpEF in women in clinical samples. 

Her aim is to identify new biomarkers for early diagnosis and targets for effective therapies for this poorly understood and heterogeneous condition, all the while tailoring her research to account for the sex differences in prevalence, disease pathology and response to treatment and environmental triggers.