27 June 2017

Dr E. Dekker specialist in training grant for Nordin Hanssen

Within the framework of the Dr. E. Dekker program of the Dutch Heart Foundation, Dr Nordin Hanssen (Department of Internal Medicine) received a specialist in training grant for his project "Do methylgyoxal spikes promote cardiovascular disease?" . This grant will allow Nordin to continue his research activities alongside his training as an internist-endocrinologist at the Department of Internal Medicine.

The highly reactive glucose metabolite methylglyoxal has been identified as a potential key player in the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetic complications. Nordin and collegues recently found that higher methylglyoxal levels are associated with cardiovascular disease in people with type 1 diabetes (Diabetes 2017). During his specialist training, Nordin also contributed to the discovery that methylglyoxal levels fluctuate (spike) after a meal or oral glucose load, and that these methylglyoxal spikes increase with worsening insulin resistance. In the current proposal it will be addressed whether these methylglyoxal spikes contribute to development of cardiovascular disease, and whether pyrixodamine, a B6 vitamer with methylglyoxal quenching properties, can prevent cardiovascular disease. This work will provide new insights into the role of methylglyoxal in cardiovascular disease and will explore a potential new treatment in the form of pyridoxamine as a promising compound to reduce cardiovascular disease.