1 October 2017

Kootstra Talent Fellowship programme 2017 - Deadlines April 1 & October 1

The Executive Board of the Maastricht UMC+ has means available in 2017 to develop talent amongst young scientific researchers. These means have been invested in the so-called “Kootstra-Talent Fellowship Programme’’. In 2017 there will be two calls.

The Kootstra-Talent Fellowship is intended for young scientific researchers:

As of October 1, only for talented future postdocs

To apply for admission to the ‘Kootstra Talent Fellowship’-programme, the principle investigators of the Schools are invited to submit an application (preferably by mail) to mister M. Berndes, Policy Advisor FHML and Secretary Maastricht UMC+ Research Committee, (m.berndes@maastrichtuniversity.nl).

More information can be found in the attachments. Incomplete applications and applications without the supporting letter from the Scientific Director of the school concerned will not be taken into consideration.