20 April 2017

Lecture Prof. Dimitrios Stamatialis - April 20, 2017

On Thursday the 20th of April at 13:00, MERLN has invited Prof. Dimitrios Stamatialis, an expert in (bio)artificial organ development, to give a seminar entitled:

“Novel (bio)artificial devices for improved blood purification therapies”

Location: MERLN office: UNS40, 3rd floor, Room C3.577.

Prof. Stamatialis works at the faculty of Biomaterial Science and Technology at the MIRA Institute in Twente. He has focused much of his career on the development of new hemodialysis therapies that could find its way into portable kidneys and even implantable artificial kidneys. Attached you can find the seminar abstract and a biosketch.

If you would like to have a meeting with Prof. Stamatialis after the seminar to discuss your research, inform Dennie Hebels. There are three spots available.