1 September 2017

New Maastricht University Alumni Fund call for project submissions from young researchers - Deadline September 1, 2017

The Alumni Fund was established recently. All donations made by Maastricht University alumni to the University Fund Limburg/SWOL go into this fund. Alumni make these donations in support of UM and its research activities. Donors also include the 'UMbassadors', alumni who have affiliated themselves with the University Fund by pledging an annual gift of €500 or more. 

The Alumni Fund supports scientific research at UM and focuses mainly on projects with a positive social impact that bring together science and tomorrow's entrepreneurship.

The Alumni Fund is managed by a committee of alumni who make donations. The founding committee members are Martijn Barnas (Law, 1995), Gerben Willemsen (School of Business and Economics, 2000) and Tijmen Vos (School of Business and Economics, 2003).

This committee is now accepting proposals for project grants. Proposals must meet the following requirements:

•Proposals may be submitted by young researchers at the start of their career. 

•The proposal must provide a clear description of the positive social impact of the research and shed insight into the possibilities for future entrepreneurship based on this scientific research.

•The maximum amount of financial support that can be requested is €10,000. 

•The final deadline for submissions: 1 September 2017.

•Brief project description (2 A4 sheets maximum), together with a budget that provides clear details on earnings and expenditures.

More information and application: https://www.ufl-swol.nl/en/call-for-proposals/