CGRM lecture Casper Schalkwijk, Maastricht University - 17 June 2022

SpeakerCasper Schalkwijk
TitleMethylglyoxal in diabetes, its vascular complications and other age-related diseases
AffilationMaastricht University
Time8.00-9.00 AM
LocationMeeting room A3-B3, Hospital level 3
Scientific contactJordi Heijman
Zoom link

Meeting ID: 972 2487 2025 / Password: 678252

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The steering committee for the Cardiovascular Grand Rounds consists of CARIM staff members of the 3 divisions (Heart, Vessels and Blood) and includes Renske Olie, Sébastien Foulquier, Pieter Goossens, Jordi Heijman, Rory Koenen, Blanche Schroen, Julie Staals and Kristiaan Wouters. If you have suggestions for a specific topic or speaker, please contact any of the committee members and they will assist in scheduling the lecture with you.