Online Introduction to Horizon Europe for Beginners - 4 February 2021

Date and time: Thursday February 4 at 10:00 AM

Horizon Europe 2021-2027 is a big and complicated programme using many different instruments to further Research and Innovation by individual fellowships, consortia or networks. The FHML/Maastricht UMCGrants Office presents a first introduction for researchers that did not participate in European programmes before.

This presentation addresses what Horizon Europe has to offer, how to prepare for writing an application and where to find more information and services.

The whole presentation takes about 60 minutes, including some time for questions.

European grants are important for internationally oriented researchers. Horizon Europe is the major programme of the European Union for funding European research and innovation projects.

Some reasons to participate in Horizon Europe:

  • New knowledge acquisition and increase of expertise
  • Cooperation with other disciplines and sectors
  • Funding for research and innovation projects
  • Recruitment of and support for researchers
  • Expansion of your international network

The Grants Office also offers information and guidance by:

  • An introduction for experienced users
  • Dedicated training per instrument
  • Individual support.

For further information, contact the funding advisor of your School:

For general information about this introduction please contact Minke Theunissen,

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