PhD conferrals December 2023

PhD conferral Elena Caporali, 6 December, 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. Roberto Lorusso, Prof. Jos Maessen
Title: 'Assessment of different interventional treatments of aortic valve diseases'

PhD conferral Eva Harlacher, 12 December, 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6 (double degree RWTH Aachen University)
Supervisors: Prof. Erik Biessen, Prof. Joachim Jankowski, Prof. Lars Blank (RWTH Aachen University
Co-supervisor: Dr Heidi Noels
Title: 'Increased cardiovascular risk  in patients with chronic kidney disease:  Insight into mechanisms and mediators of kidney-heart crosstalk'

PhD conferral Mohamed Kassem, 13 December, 13.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. Eline Kooi, Prof. Robert van Oostenbrugge
Title: Intraplaque Hemorrhage on carotid MRI in stroke patients: on the road towards clinical application

PhD conferral Xiaodi Zhang, 13 December, 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. Casper Schalkwijk
Co-supervisor: Dr Kristiaan Wouters
TItle: 'Interplay of methylglyoxal and immune cells: implications for type 2 diabetes?'

PhD conferral Anne-Marije Hulshof, 15 December, 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. Yvonne Henskens, Prof. Hugo ten Cate
Co-supervisor: Dr Bas van Bussel
Title: 'Innovative applications of global assays of hemostasis'

PhD conferral Jennifer Monereo-Sánchez, 18 December, 10.00 hours, online
Supervisors: Dr Miranda Schram, Prof. David Linden, Dr Jacobus Jansen
Title: 'Segmenting the human brain in population bases studies: Methodological considerations and clinical applications in diabetes, depression, and dementia'

PhD conferral Nikki Werkman, 21 December, 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. Coen Stehouwer
Co-supervisors: Dr Johanna Driessen, Dr Johannes Nielen
Title: 'Type 2 diabetes beyond glycaemic control: the impact of disease severity and therapy'

PhD conferral Ozan Yazar, 22 December, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. Geert Willem Schurink
Co-supervisor: Dr Barend Mees
Title: 'Fenestrated and Branched Stent-grafts for Treatment of Complex Aortoiliac Aneurysms'