PhD conferrals March 2024

PhD conferral Narek Manukjan, 5 March, 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6 (double degree)
Supervisors: Dr W.M. Blankesteijn, Prof. Z. Ahmed (University of Birmingham)
Co-supervisors: Dr S. Foulquier, Dr D. Fulton (University of Birmingham)
Title: 'White matter really matters in cerebral small vessel disease: Role of hypoxia signalling in oligodendrocyte precursor cells and its crosstalk with endothelial cells'

PhD conferral Chukiat Tantiwong, 11 March, 10.00 hours, online (double degree)
Supervisors: Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk, Prof. J.M. Gibbins (University of Reading)
Co-supervisors: Dr R. Cavill. Dr J.L. Dunster (University of Reading)
Title: 'Modelling of collagen receptor clustering and signalling'

PhD conferral Rik Hendrix, 12 March, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. J.G. Maessen
Co-supervisors: Dr P.W. Weerwind (Medanex Clinic/NAMSA Diest), Dr Y.M. Ganushchak (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Title: 'The membrane oxygenator From a black to a white box'

PhD conferral Astrid Hermans, 14 March, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. D. Linz, Prof. U. Schotten, Prof. K. Vernooy
Title: 'Detection and management of atrial fibrillation: state of art and novel approaches'

PhD conferral Jinmi Zou, 19 March, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. H. ten Cate, Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk
Co-supervisor: Dr F. Swieringa (Synapse Research Institute)
Title: 'Transient and persistent aspects of human platelet activation'

PhD conferral Daniëlle Kerkhofs, 21 March 10.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. R.J. van Oostenbrugge, Prof. E.A Biessen
Co-supervisors: Dr J.E.A. Staals, Dr S. Foulquier
Title: 'Inflammatory cells and blood-brain barrier leakage in cerebral small vessel diseases'

PhD conferral Federica Jiritano, 22 March 13.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. R. Lorusso, Prof. J.G. Maessen
Title: 'New insights about quantitative platelet disorders in the cardiac surgery and mechanical circulatory support settings'

PhD conferral Mathias Van Den Eynde, 26 March, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. C.G. Schalkwijk
Co-supervisor: Dr A.J.H.M. Houben
Title: 'Intervention strategies in the glycation pathway with methylglyoxal as the primary target'