PhD conferrals November 2022

PhD conferral Laura Willemsen, 10 November, 13.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisor: Prof. J.M. ten Berg
Co-supervisor: Dr C.M. Hackeng
Title: Thrombosis and Hemostasis in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery

PhD conferral Anne Tavenier, 17 November, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. A.W.J. van 't Hof, Prof. J.M. ten Berg
Co-supervisors: Dr R.S. Hermanides (Isala Zwolle), Dr J.P. Ottervanger (Isala Zwolle)
Title: Towards optimal platelet inhibition and pain relief in STelevation myocardial infarction

PhD conferral Chang Lu, 24 November, 16.00 hours, MBB 4-6
Supervisors: Prof. E.A.L. Biessen, Dr J.M.H. Karel
Co-supervisor: Dr P. Goossens
Title: Computational strategies in cardiometabolic diseases: a portal to deeper mechanistic understanding

PhD conferral Dawid Kaczor, 28 November, 13.00 hours, online
Supervisors: Prof. T.M. Hackeng, Dr R.R. Koenen
Co-supervisor: Prof. R. Kramann
Title: Inflammatory actions of chemokines and extracellular versicles in pathological tissue remodeling