Phd Conferrals July

PhD Conferral Jun Wan, 29 June, 10.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. T.M. Hackeng 
Co-supervisor: Dr. B. de Laat ( Synapse), Dr. M. Roest, (Synapse) 
Title: Delicate interactions between plasma factors and blood cells affect thrombin generation

PhD Conferral Ellen Boswijk 1 July, 14.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. J. Wildberger, Prof. J. Bucerius, Prof. J. Sluimer 
Title: Positron emission tomography of inflammation in atherosclerosis

PhD Conferral Anouk Geraerts, 2 July, 14.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. M. Schram, Prof. F. Verhey
Co-supervisor: Dr. S. Köhler
Title: Biological determinants of depression, the role of cerebral damage, microvascular dysfunction, and hyperglycemia: a polulationbased approach

PhD Conferral Bouke Adriaans, 2 July, 16.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. J. Wildberger, Prof. H. Crijns
Co-supervisor: Dr. S. Schalla
Title: Advanced Imaging of the aortic valve and thoracic aorta. Moving beyond diameters

PhD Conferral Ahmed Hassan, 7 July, 10.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. H. Schmidt, Prof. M. Dumontier
Title: FAIR and bias-free network modules for mechanism-based disease redefinitions

PhD Conferral Danique van den Kerkhof, 8 July, 10.00 hours 
Supervisors: Prof. T. Hackeng, Dr. I. Dijkgraaf
Title: Exogenous factors as potential antiplatelet drugs

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