Awards and prizes CARIM Day 2020

CARIM Commitment Award
Carla van der Kallen (Dept. of Internal Medicine) received the CARIM Commitment Award, intented for any CARIM member who has devoted his/her heart and soul to CARIM in an exceptional way, be it on an academic, managerial, service or community level. The award consists of a bronze coin of the sculptor Marina van der Kooi.

"When we think of Carla, one of our precious employees, words like “connect, facilitate, organise, and empathy” jump to mind. She is the heart and engine of The Maastricht study, keeping it afloat, and volunteering for all difficult tasks to keep it moving. She does this all always realising the importance of organisation of CARIM’s flagship programme The Maastricht study."

Dissertation Award
Debbie Beumer (Dept. of Neurology) received the CARIM Dissertation Award for the thesis 'Insights in acute endovascular treatment in ischemic stroke'. Debbie was one of the coordinative researchers from the Mr Clean study, which was a prospective blinded open randomised trial on the safety and efficacy of IAT (Thrombectomy) with acute stroke. She was shared first author on the world famous New England Journal of Medicine paper describing the trial results. In addition of this landmark study, many relevant sub-group analyses were taken up in her thesis, as well as pre-trial clinical data that led to successful design of Mr Clean. Debbie has been a coordinative PhD candidate all the way, leading to a high impact study with equal output.

Poster prizes
The following posters were awarded with a prize:

  • Division Blood: Ultrasound-Accelerated CAtheter-Directed Thrombolysis Versus Anticoagulation for the Prevention of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome: The CAVA-Trial by Pascale Notten
  • Division Vessels: Microvascular dysfunction: contribution to stroke, dementia and depression by Thomas van Sloten
  • Division Heart: Heart sounds for cardiac resynchronization therapy optimization by Hongxing Luo

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