Michiel Henkens Coordinator of the 'hartenbank'

Michiel Henkens has been selected as coordinator of the 'Hartenbank'. 

the 'Hartenbank'  of the Netherlands Heart Institute (NHI), a non-profit organisation founded June 2020, is a central biobank in which heart tissue from deceased donors and associated medical data is stored for scientific research. This heart tissue can be used to investigate how a healthy heart functions and what exactly goes wrong in various heart diseases. Both people with and without heart diseases can register as a future donor at the NHB. 

Michiel Henkens (MD, PhD-student and coordinator of the NHI): “There

  is currently a major shortage of heart tissue and associated medical data to enable fundamental and translational research into heart diseases.
Because of this shortage, researchers often look for alternatives such as

 animal and cell models. The NHI will fill this gap and provide a unique source of high-quality cardiac tissues with accompanying medical data, thereby facilitating and improving the quality of cardiovascular research. As such, the NHB will function as a translational bridge to boost cardiovascular research focused on optimising (early) diagnosis and prognosis of a wide range of heart diseases.

More information about the NHB can be found at: www.hartenbank.nl

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