NWO Team Science Award iCMR team

Dr.ir. Rob Holtackers (Dept. of Radiology) and his iCMR team have won the Team Science Award from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The Team Science Award rewards the most inspiring and successful team of researchers from various disciplinary fields, who jointly take on a scientific challenge in which their individual strengths and expertise demonstrably reinforce each other.

The iCMR team aims to improve the treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias by treating them while inside an MRI scanner. By combining their diverse expertise, the team uses basic science, biomedical technology, and patient care to achieve their objective. The jury valued the complementarity of the disciplines in their team and the combination of scientific and technological expertise. The route taken by the team to translate elementary science and technology into patient care resulted in an impactful application. The prize money of € 10k is intended for activities with relation to the team.