WCN Research Prize Matthijs Cluitmans

Matthijs Cluitmans (Dept. of Cardiology) received the WCN Research Prize 2022 during the annual WCN congress in Amsterdam. Matthijs pitched his 2021 Science Translational Medicine paper to the jury and an audience of ~200 cardiologists. His team’s work highlights the importance of (concealed) recovery abnormalities in patients who survived 'unexplained' sudden cardiac arrest. By combining noninvasive mapping with experiments and computer models, they improved the understanding of the trigger-substrate interaction leading to these arrhythmias. The full paper was published last year and can be found here: https://www.science.org/stoken/author-tokens/ST-179/full
The WCN is the Working Group Cardiological Centers Netherlands, which is an organization that binds all Cardiology centers (academic and peripheral) in this country. The WCN Research Prize is awarded to young scientific researchers, selected by a multi-disciplinary jury, to encourage cardiovascular research.