Winkler medal MR CLEAN

Six doctors from three different UMCs, including Prof. Robert van Oostenbrugge and Prof. Dr. Wim van Zwam (Dept. of Neurology), were jointly awarded the prestigious gold Winkler medal by the Dutch Neurology Society on 17 December 2020. They receive the prize for the MR CLEAN study into better treatment for patients with a cerebral infarction.

The Winkler Medal is a gold commemorative medal established in memory of Dr Cornelis Winkler (1855-1941), professor of psychiatry and neurology and authority in the field of neurology and brain anatomy in the Netherlands. The science prize is awarded every five years to the Dutch person who made the most deserving contribution in the field of neurological science in the five years prior to the award. The special thing is that this time the prize was awarded to a six-man ship.

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