Welcome to I'MCARIM! We are dedicated to make your time with CARIM as enjoyable as possible.


I'MCARIM is a social club that is run by very active RM and PhD representatives, who are also present in the Education Program Committee. I'MCARIM organizes informal drinks and activities, but we will also help you out in case of trouble.

With regular news letters and on the events calendar of this website, we will keep you informed about upcoming courses, job opportunities, drinks and other relevant information.

To help you on the turbulent road towards graduation or dissertation we wrote a travel guide with extensive contact information, the ins & outs of courses and funding, and a CARIM ABC. You can download the travel guide at the bottom of this page.

In case of CARIM-related problems and questions, or just to share your thoughts with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Margaux Fontaine

Kim van Kuijk

Federica de Majo

Tate Chimhanda

Kim Maasen


As of January 1, 2016 every PhD is entitled to an allowance of €2,000 max to cover the costs associated with thesis printing and the PhD ceremony.
It should be noted, however, that allowances from third parties are taken into account when determining the UM allowance. For more details see regulations printing and reception costs (in Dutch as well as English)

I'MCARIM took initiative to help you reduce the printing costs of your thesis. To this end, we made an agreement with proefschriftmaken.nl. As of March 1, 2012, you are able to get a 20% discount on the costs of printing your thesis, with a maximum of €500! If you decide to print your thesis at proefschriftmaken.nl (of course, you are not obliged to do so), be sure to indicate “I’MCARIM” on the quotation to be eligible for this discount.

What is proefschriftmaken.nl?
Proefschriftmaken.nl is part of Uitgeverij BOXPress and is a full service company that assists you during the final stage of your PhD. Proefschriftmaken.nl distinguishes itself by its personal and flexible service (24/7 mentality) and high quality, all for a competitive price. In addition, your thesis can be printed within two weeks, including a full book as a proof. Proefschriftmaken.nl guides you through the entire process, which means that we include advice on the layout and other matters.

Because of their network, they can offer everything that is available in the market. With Proefschriftmaken.nl you will have the guidance and service that an author deserves and expects.

Proefschriftmaken.nl in a nutshell:
- One-stop-shop
- High quality
- Competitive prices
- Flexibility
- Discounts for small groups
- Full-service

In case you want more information, check their website at www.proefschriftmaken.nl