Our Principal Investigators form the foundation of our research environment and educational programs. The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the school. The Scientific Director, Prof. Tilman Hackeng, has full and integral responsibility and reports tot the Dean.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the school consists of the Scientific Director (Prof. Tilman Hackeng), the Managing Director (Rob van der Zander) and the Leaders of the Main Themes. The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the school and meets monthly to discuss and decide upon issues at strategic and tactic level. The Scientific Director has the full and integral responsibility for the school and reports to the Dean.

Strategic Board

The Strategic Board was formed at the end of 2012 to advise and support the CARIM scientific director in managing long term policy. The board is also meant to be a discussion forum and to generate written visions about the future of CARIM and its survival in an increasingly competitive European scientific environment. The Strategic Board meets regularly to discuss issues such as grant applications, national and international collaboration networks, interdisciplinary communication and CARIM’s visibility in the (inter-)national cardiovascular field. 

CARIM Office

The CARIM Office consists of Tara de Koster, Riet Daamen and Esther Willigers. The controller is Lynn Lemeer

School Council

The Principal Investigators, together with all the chairmen of the departments connected to CARIM, constitute the School Council. The School Council meets four times a year and is headed by the Scientific Director.

Research Council

The CARIM Research Council was restructured in the summer of 2014 by the Strategic Board and consists of the following people:

More information on the mission and procedure of the Research Council can be found here

Education Program Committee

The Education Program Committee coordinates both the PhD and Master’s programs and advises the Executive Board on all issues regarding these educational programs.

Education Program Coordinator

The PhD coordinator advises the Executive Board on all issues regarding the PhD program. Within CARIM the PhD coordinator works closely with the CARIM Office, policy advisor and Scientific Director. Click here for more information on our PhD program and the Education Program Committee.

Finance Department

The Finance Department of Maastricht University provides support on accounting the CARIM research projects on a part-time basis.

At this moment the Finance employees are Henny Kerckhoffs, Esther van Heel and Mark van Gisteren. 

Human Resources

Mechteld Ostendorf of the Human Resources Department of Maastricht University are related to CARIM.

Participating departments and disciplines

The research in the three main themes involves the research activities of people working in several departments/disciplines of Maastricht University Medical Center+. Within the framework of MUMC+, CARIM collaborates closely with the clinical Cardiovascular Center (Hart en Vaat Centrum).

Basic research departments

Clinical departments




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