27 November 2018

Prizes and awards CARIM Day 2018

During the 2018 CARIM Symposium, several researchers have received an award or prize.

CARIM Commitment Award

Dr Koen Reesink (Dept. of BME) received the CARIM Commitment Award, intented for any CARIM member who has devoted his/her heart and soul to CARIM in an exceptional way, be it on an academic, managerial, service or community level. Koen performs many duties within our CARIM community without any form of self interest, this in addition to his own scientific and teaching work.The award consists of a bronze coin of the sculptor Marina van der Kooi.

Dissertation Award

Dr Mark Hazebroek (Dept. of Cardiology) received the CARIM Dissertation Award for his thesis ‘“Unraveling the origins of dilated cardiomyopathy: How genes, viruses, toxic, metabolic, electric and autoimmune disorders interact to cause dilated cardiomyopathy”.

Poster prizes

The following posters were awarded with a prize:

  • “Barcoding in obese: who’s at increased risk for the development of cardiovascular disease?” by Fontaine M, Aliyev T, Sikkens R, Jin H, van Greevenbroek M, van der Kallen C, Schalkwijk C, Stehouwer C, Sluimer J
  • “Hyperglycemia-induced vascular dysfunction” by Chimhanda T & LI W, Foreman Y, Hanssen N, Sörensen B, Scheijen J, van der Kallen C, van Greevenbroek M, Brouwers M
  • “Titin cardiomyopathy leads to altered mitochondrial energetics, increased fibrosis and long-term life-threatening arrhythmias” by Verdonschot J, Hazebroek M, Derks K, Barandiarán Aizpurua A, Merken J, Wang P, Bierau J, van den Wijngaard A, Schalla S