5 December 2017

Prof dr J Terpstra young investigator award Dr Nordin Hanssen

Dr Nordin Hanssen, internist-endocrinologist in training at MUMC+ has been awarded, at the Annual Dutch Diabetes Research Meeting 2017 by the NVDO, the Prof dr J Terpstra young investigator award of 10.000 euro for his research at the department of Internal Medicine in the group of Prof Dr Schalkwijk and Prof Dr Stehouwer. Nordins research focusses on the role of methylglyoxal, a highly toxic glucose metabolite and the development of cardiovascular disease and microvascular diabetic complications. With the support of the Prof Dr Terpstra award,  Nordin will be able to focus more of his research on the role of methylglyoxal in the development of diabetic kidney disease. The amount of money that is linked to the award enables him also to translate preclinical findings into clinical practice.