The CARIM Research Council has been reinstalled and restructured. The mission of CARIM's Research Council is to improve the quality and success rate of research grants applications, especially those to be submitted to highly competitive calls, for example, but not limited to, VENI, VIDI, VICI, Dekker fellowships, ERC, TOP, Leducq and STW.


Upon request, the Research Council is also willing to contribute to the development of other, larger calls such as CVON. The Research Council assists the candidates with developing a competitive grant proposal by helping  them with the development of their ideas and by reviewing the proposal and providing constructive feedback once it is written.


The members of the research council, from different research areas, are:


About two months before the deadline of the call (click here to download the funding calendar), the candidate gives a “pitch presentation” of 5 minutes to the Research Council, presenting the outlines of the idea and the approaches of the proposal. This presentation is followed by a discussion. The candidate can integrate the ideas from this brainstorm session in the proposal and start the writing process. About two weeks before the deadline, the written project is reviewed, allowing the applicant to further improve his/her application. If the candidate is invited to defend the proposal, the Research Council will organize a practice session to prepare the candidate. 

To ensure that the review process runs smoothly, a coach is assigned to each project. The candidate should propose 1 or 2 members of the research council as a potential coach, based on their expertise, of which a description can be found on the profile pages of the Research Council members. Together with the coach it will be decided who will be the reviewers of the project.

Together with the coach the candidate should set up a timeline with clear deadlines to hand in the written proposal (ideally 2 weeks before the deadline) and define already a date for the practice session of the (potential) interview (typically a few days before the interview is scheduled). An example of such a timeline from a successful proposal is depicted below.