Cell biochemistry of thrombosis and haemostasis

This program focuses on blood platelets and their role in the stimulation of coagulation and more specifically on: (i) new intracellular signalling peptides that are identified (phospho) proteomics analyses and (ii) new mutations of known signalling peptides.

A key technology used is real-time microscopic imaging, which is adapted to study thrombus formation ex vivo with flow-chamber technology as well as thrombus formation in vivo in the living animal and enables multi-probe real-time imaging of thrombus formation. Effects of thrombus formation are also studied in the development of an atherosclerotic plaque, inflammation, angiogenesis and vascular repair. Translation of the basic science in this program is performed in the recently initiated Thrombosis Expertise Center, which is an example of the excellent collaboration between CARIM groups and the Cardiovascular Center in the azM.