CARIM is built around three comprehensive research divisions of 'Blood', 'Vessels' and 'Heart'. comprising six programmes.

These six programmes together host 22 PI groups that represent specific research, infrastructural and financial units within CARIM.

  1. Blood coagulation, venous thrombosis & bleeding
  2. Atherosclerosis, arterial thrombosis & stroke
  3. Vascular complications of diabetes & hypertension
  4. Regenerative & reconstructive cardiovascular medicine
  5. Structural heart failure
  6. Complex arrhythmias

All three divisions involve basic and clinical programmes and are led by a shared governance structure, executed by the division leader and one ore more basic scientist and clinical scientists. This shared governance system enables shared responsibility for the scientific progress of programmes, for linking activities and seeking collaborations between PIs and divisions and for mentoring of PhD students, post-docs and tenure tracks. The individual PIs are responsible for the financial basis of their groups.

The three divisions

  1. Division Blood
  2. Division Vessels
  3. Division Heart