Henri Spronk

Associate professor

Initially trained in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Nijmegen University, Dr Henri Spronk obtained a PhD in Biochemistry on the effects of impaired vitamin K-dependent protein carboxylation.

The focus of his current work is on the bidirectional relation between coagulation and inflammation, as well as on the applicability of functional plasma assays such as thrombin generation, for atherothrombotic risk prediction. He has a special interest in the role of active coagulation factors, mainly thrombin, in activation of protein-activated receptors (PARs) which can regulate the balance between vascular protective and disruptive. Overall, knowledge on the non-haemostatic functions of thrombin and factor Xa enables pharmacological interference in cellular processes contributing to the the development and progression of atherosclerosis or atrial fibrillation.

Department of Biochemistry
Department of Internal Medicine
Universiteitssingel 50, 6229 ER Maastricht
PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht
Room number: 4.326
T: +31(0)43 388 42 61

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  • 2015
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  • 2014
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  • 2013
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  • 2011
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