Jan-Willem Sels

Assistant Professor

Dr Jan-Willem Sels received his medical degree from the University of Utrecht in 2002. He started clinical work at the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven where he started his training in cardiology in 2004. During this training he obtained his PhD at the Technical University Eindhoven in 2013. His dissertation was entitled: ”Markers of inducible myocardial ischemia in the systemic circulation”. After completion of his training in cardiology, he was additionally trained as an intensivist at the Maastricht UMC+. He currently works as a cardiologist and cardiologist-intensivist at both the Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine departments of Maastricht UMC+.

Dr Sels is mainly involved in clinical work and management in a way that fosters collaboration within in various research projects. The research focus is on improving clinical cardiovascular care for critically ill patients, including topics such as extracorporeal life support and optimizing hemostasis in critical care. Dr Sels will therefore participate within the HEMOSUM community platform. As state above, he is a team player that likes to involve students, junior physicians and nurses in bedside teaching and critical appraisal of clinical science. He thereby aims to translate relevant clinical issues into practical science to improve patient monitoring and support. Dr Sels will therefore operate mainly on projects within advanced monitoring care, while providing careful clinical assistance for the PI group’s big data projects. 

Departments of Cardiology and Intensive Care
T: +31(0)43 387 6543

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