Uli Schotten


Professor Uli Schotten studied medicine at the universities of Aachen, Glasgow, and Valetta. After four years of training in cardiology at the University Hospital of Aachen, he joined the Department of Physiology at Maastricht University in 1998, first as a scholar of the Academy of Sciences of North-Rhine Westfalia and from 1999 on as a staff member of the department. He defended his thesis 'Mechanisms of Atrial Paralysis in Atrial Fibrillation' at Maastricht University in 2003, and received his habilitation in Experimental Cardiology at the University Hospital in Aachen in 2004. Since 2007, he is Principal Investigator at CARIM. In 2011, he was appointed Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology and became chairman of the Department of Physiology in 2019.

His research interests include cellular and integrated actions of antiarrhythmic drugs, the development of substrates for the perpetuation of atrial fibrillation, invasive and non-invasive quantification of the substrate of atrial fibrillation, interaction between atrial fibrillation and activation of the coagulation system, and three-dimensional computer models of atrial fibrillation. He is coordinator of the CVON network RACE V and PI in numerous national and international research networks. He was member of the European task force for the development of the ESC guidelines for management of atrial fibrillation in 2010, 2012, and 2016. Furthermore, he is member of the Executive Committee of the Network of Competence for Atrial Fibrillation (AFNET), co-founder of the Maastricht University spin-off company YourRhythmics BV, and acts as the chairman of the Strategic board of CARIM.

Department of Physiology
Universiteitssingel 50, 6229 ER Maastricht
PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht
Room number: 3.130
T: +31(0)43 388 12 00

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