Division Vessels

Research in Division Vessels focusses on translational research of micro- and macrovascular dysfunction in the context of specific cardiovascular diseases that are a major burden to an ageing society, namely diabetes and the metabolic syndrome; hypertension and chronic kidney disease; cognitive impairment and depression in relation to diabetes and hypertension; aortic aneurysm; and venous disease. The mission of this division is to decrease the health burden by imposed by these diseases. Division Vessels includes two programmes: ‘Vascular complications of diabetes & hypertension’ and ‘Regenerative & reconstructive cardiovascular medicine’.

Research in Division Vessels contributes to the circle of innovation in which basic research at CARIM incorporating the latest technological advances boosts translational research within the HVC, supporting high-level academic health care.

The board of Division Vessels consists of: Dr Koen Reesink, Dr Vanessa van Empel, Dr Marleen van Greevenbroek, Dr Barend Mees, Dr Nynke van den Akker and Prof. Casper Schalkwijk.