Theses 2009

Schans van de V
Supervisors: Prof. J. Smits, Dr M. Blankesteijn
Title: Wnt signaling and Cardiac hypertrophy
22 January 2009
Cosemans J
Supervisor: Prof. J. Rosing | Co-supervisor: Prof. J. Heemskerk
Title: Dynamic regulation of thrombus stability
29 January 2009
Maurissen L
Supervisors: Prof. J. Rosing, Prof. T. Hackeng
Title: Characterization of anticoagulant functions of protein S
18 February 2009
Joop K
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisor: Leyte AP (OLV Gasthuis, Amsterdam)
Title: Endotoxin and microparticles as markers for inflammation and coagulation
27 February 2009
Borne van den S
Supervisors: Prof. J. Smits, Prof. M. Daemen | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Blankesteijn
Title: Myocardial infarct healing: Rupture and remodeling
17 April 2009
Kloppenburg G
Supervisor: Prof. C. Bruggeman | Co-supervisor: Dr F. Stassen
Title: Role of infections on intimal hyperplasia
24 April 2009
Gelsomino S
Supervisor: Prof. J. Maessen | Co-supervisors: Dr R. Lorusso, Dr F. van der Veen
Title: New insights in the Surgical Treatment of Chronic ischemic mitral regurgitation
24 April 2009

Kroon JW
Supervisor: Prof. T. Arts | Co-supervisors: Dr T. Delhaas, Dr P. Bovendeerd (TU/e,Eindhoven)
Title: Mechanocontrol of cardiac growth and remodeling
14 May 2009
Plat A
Supervisor: Prof. P. de Leeuw | Co-supervisor: Dr A.A. Kroon
Title: Genetics and cardiovascular risk in a primary care population: Studies from the Hippocrates project
29 May 2009
Dielis A
Supervisors: Prof. P. de Leeuw, Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisors: Dr K. Hamulyák, Dr H. Spronk
Title: The hypercoagulable state in patients. Determining (hyper)coagulability and the role of thrombin generation
3 June 2009
Hermeling E
Supervisors: Prof. A. Hoeks, Prof. R.S. Reneman | Co-supervisor: Dr K. Reesink
Title: Local pulse wave velocity determination: the arterial distension waveform from foot to crest
10 June 2009
Beuk R
Supervisors: Prof. G. Tangelder, Prof. E. Heineman | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Oude Egbrink
Title: Experimental ischemia and reperfusion of the small bowel:focus on microvascular events
12 June 2009
Loubele S
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisor: Dr H. Spronk
Title: Inhibition of ischemic organ damage with anti-coagulant agents
18 June 2009
Wolfs J
Supervisors: Prof. J. Rosing, Prof. R. Zwaal | Co-supervisor: Dr E. Bevers
Title: Generation of procoagulant activity in blood cells
10 September 2009
Prinzen L
Supervisors: Prof. D.W. Slaaf, Prof. M. van Zandvoort (RWTH, Aachen), Prof. C. Reutelingsperger
Title: Bimodal imaging of molecular targets associated with plaque vulnerability
17 September 2009
Lobbes M
Supervisors: Prof. J. van Engelshoven, Prof. M. Daemen | Co-supervisors: Dr E. Kooi, Dr S. Heeneman
Title: Non-invasive assessment of cardiovascular disease
23 September 2009
Mastrigt van G
Supervisors: Prof. J. Maessen, Prof. M. Prins, Prof. J. Severens
Title: Outcome assessment and economic evaluation of short-stay intensive care for coronary artery bypass patients
25 September 2009
Rossi A
Supervisor: Prof. A. Hoeks | Co-supervisor: Dr P. Brands
Title: Common carotid artery morphology and dynamics estimated with automatic ultrasound segmentation
5 November 2009
Biggelaar van den F
Supervisor: Prof. J. van Engelshoven | Co-supervisor: Dr K. Flobbe
Title: New approaches to improve the evaluation of mammograms
6 November 2009
Douma K
Supervisors: Dr D. Slaaf, Prof. M. Post, Prof. M. van Zandvoort (RWTH, Aachen)
Title: Two-photon microscopic imaging of neo-vasculature in atherosclerotic plaques and tumors
11 November 2009
Marchetti M
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisor: Dr A. Falanga
The hypercoagulable state in patients with essential: Trombocythemia and Polycythemia Vera
19 November 2009
Staals J
Supervisor: Prof. J. Lodder | Co-supervisor: Dr R.J. van Oostenbrugge
Title: The role of haptoglobin phenotype and 24-hour blood pressure characteristics in cerebral small vessel disease
4 December 2009
Speelman L
Supervisors: Prof. M. Jacobs, Prof. F.N. van de Vosse (TU/e, Eindhoven) | Co-supervisors: Dr E.M.H.  Bosboom, Dr G. Schurink
Title: Biomechanical analysis for abdominal aortic aneurysm risk stratification
10 December 2009
Chi Yuen Simon Cheung
Supervisor: Prof. J. van Hooff | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Christiaans, Mr C Li
Title: Use of tacrolimus in Chinese renal transplant recipients
10 December 2009
Sauren L
Supervisors: Prof. J. Maessen, Prof. W. Mess | Co-supervisor: Dr F. van der Veen
Title: Cerebral microembolic signals in cardiac interventions
15 December 2009
Tchaikovski S
Supervisor: Prof. J. Rosing | Co-supervisor: Dr G. Tans
Title: Hormone-induced changes in the coagulation system
16 December 2009
Tchaikovski V
Supervisor: Prof. J. Waltenberger
Title: VEGFR-1 function and dysfunction in monocytes
16 December 2009
El Azzouzi H
Supervisor: Prof. H.C. Clevers | Co-supervisors: Dr L. de Windt, Dr M. van Bilsen
Title: Peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor (PPAR) regulationin cardiac metabolism and disease
Utrecht University, 13 January 2009
Roijers R
Supervisor: Prof. G. van der Vusse
Title: Element analysis with a proton microprobe of early atherosclerotic lesions
Eindhoven Technical University, 14 January 2009

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