Theses 2010

Oostendorp M
Supervisor: Prof. M. Post | Co-supervisor: Dr W. Backes
Title: Quantitative contrast-enhanced MRI of the microvasculature
15 January 2010 CUM LAUDE
Miserus RJ
Supervisors: Prof. M. Daemen, Prof. J.M.A. van Engelshoven, Dr E. Kooi, Dr S. Heeneman
Title: Molecular imaging of atherosclerosis and thrombus formation
22 January 2010 
Lievens D
Supervisors: Prof. M. Daemen, Prof. E. Biessen | Co-supervisor: Dr E. Lutgens
Title: Cell-type specific CD40-CD40L interactions atherosclerosis
28 January 2010 
Schols S
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisors: Dr J. Heemskerk, Dr L. van Pampus
Title: Thrombin generation and fibrin formation in dilutional coagulopathy: towards improved peri-operative transfusion protocols
19 February 2010 
Bai L
Supervisors: Prof. M. Daemen, Prof. E. Biessen, Dr S. Heeneman
Title: Immunosuppressive and anti-proteolytic therapy in vascular diseases
10 March 2010 
Scheffers I
Supervisors: Prof. P. de Leeuw, Dr A. Kroon, Dr J. Tordoir
Title: Carotid baroreflex activation; a novel method to treat resistant hypertension
12 March 2010 
Afrasiabi A
Supervisors: Prof. C. Hemker, Prof. P. Manucci (Milan), Dr F. Peyvandi (Milan)
Title: Molecular Genetic Analysis of Patients with Rare Bleeding; disorders in South Iran
17 March 2010 
Swinnen M
Supervisors: Prof. Y. Pinto, Prof. P. Carmeliet, Dr S. Heymans
Title: Matricellular Proteins: crucial regulators of cardiac remodeling
31 March 2010 
Straten van B
Supervisors: Prof. J. Maessen, Prof. A. van Zundert (Gent), Prof O. Penn
Title: Outcome following ten years coronary artery bypass surgery; risk factors for early and late mortality and morbidity
8 April 2010 
Laeremans H
Supervisor: Prof. J. Smits, Dr H. Ottenheijm, Dr M. Blankesteijn
Title: Discovery of ligands for Frizzled and their promises for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease
19 May 2010 
Jager de J
Supervisor: Prof. C. Stehouwer | Co-supervisor: Dr A. Kooy
The effects of metformin on metabolism and Cardiovascular disease in type 2 diabetes
27 May 2010 
Hoek van F
Supervisor: Prof. P. Kitslaar | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Scheltinga, Dr J. Tordoir
Title: Hemodialysis Access-Induced Distal Ischemia (HAIDI); diagnosis and surgical management
28 May 2010 
Di Castelnuovo A
Supervsiors: Prof. C. Hemker, Prof. G. de Gaetano (Italy), Dr M. Donati (Campobasso Italy)
Title: The protective effect of Moderate Alcohol Consumption against Cardiovascular disease and total Mortality: Epidemiological evidence
2 June 2010 
Di Giuseppe R
Supervisors: Prof. C. Hemker, Prof G. de Gaetano (Italy) | Co-supervisor: Dr L. Iacoviello (Campobasso, Italy)
Title: A nutritional approach to prevent cardiovascular disease: from single foods to complex dietary pattern
2 June 2010 
Napoleone E
Supervisors: Prof. C. Hemker, Prof. G. de Gaetano (Italy) | Co-supervisor: Dr R. Lorenzet (Campobasso, Italy)
Title: Modulation of tissue factor expression in vascular cells
2 June 2010 
Greiser M
Supervisor: Prof. M. Allessie | Co-supervisor: Dr U. Schotten
Title: Remodeling of intracellular calcium handling in fibrillating atria
3 June 2010 
Wijnen E
Supervisor: Prof. K. Leunissen | Co-supervisors: Dr F. van der Sande, Dr J. Tordoir
Title: Online flow measurement in hemodialysis vascular access
3 June 2010 
Simons A
Supervisor: Prof. J. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr K. Reesink, Dr P. Weerwind
Title: To drain or not to drain; quantification of drainable intravascular venous volume during extracorporeal life support
23 June 2010 
Lumens J
Supervisors: Prof. T. Arts, Dr T. Delhaas
Title: Patient-Specific Cardiovascular Modeling in Pulmonary Hypertension. Assessment of Hemodynamic and Mechanical Ventricular Interaction
2 July 2010 
Kornmann L
Supervisor: Prof. A. Hoeks, Prof. R. Reneman | Co-supervisor: Dr K. Reesink
Title: Molecular imaging of large arteries by ultrasound: Potentials and pitfalls
8 September 2010 
Leeuwen van  M
Supervisors: Prof. J. Cohen Tervaert, Prof. P. Heeringa (RUG), Dr A. Duijvestijn, Dr M. de Winther
Title: OxLDL-specific antibodies and neutrophils; their relevance in mouse atherosclerosis
29 October 2010 
Brands J
Supervisors: Prof. H. Vink (UvA), Prof. J. Spaan (UvA), Dr J. van Teefelen
Title: Agonist-induced modulation of glycocalyx barrier properties in the microcirculation
29 October 2010 
Rademakers L
Supervisors: Prof. J. Maessen, Prof F. Prinzen
Title: Resynchronization of the ischemic asynchronous heart
19 November 2010 
Merry A
Supervisors: Prof. P. van der Brandt, Prof. A. Gorgels | Co-supervisors: Dr L.J. Schouten, Dr J.M.A. Boer
Title: Coronary heart disease in the Netherlands: Incidence etiology and risk prediction
10 December 2010 
Gerretsen S
Supervisors: Prof. J. Engelshoven, Dr T. Leiner, Dr E. Kooi
Title: MR Imaging of coronary atherosclerosis
10 December 2010 
Kwee R
Supervisors: Prof. J. Wildberger, Prof. W. Mess | Co-supervisors: Dr E. Kooi, Dr R.J. van Oostenbrugge
Title: Imaging of carotid atherosclerosis
13 December 2010 CUM LAUDE
Bakker W
Supervisors: Prof. V. van Hinsbergh, Prof. C. Stehouwer | Co-supervisors: Dr P. Sipkema, Dr E. Eringa
Title: Vascular Insulin Resistance Through Fat. Intracellular Signaling, Genetic Interferences and Hemodynamics
VU University Amsterdam, 20 May 2010 
Arbouw M
Supervisors: Prof. A. Egberts (Enschede), Prof. H. Guchelaar, Prof. C Neef | Co-supervisors: Dr K. Movig
Title: Assessment of drug therapy in Parkinson’s disease 
Utrecht University, 29 June 2010 
Ketel I
Supervisors: Prof. C. Lambalk, Prof. C. Stehouwer | Co-supervisors: Dr E. Serné, Dr P. Homburg
Title: Vascular function and insulin sensitivity in lean obese women with PCOS
VU University Amsterdam, 17 November 2010 
Vliet van J
Supervisors: Prof. M. Hofker, Prof. C. Wijmenga
Title: Revealing the genetic roots of obesity and type 2 diabetes
University of Groningen, 7 July 2010 
Leguy C
Supervisors: Prof. F. van den Vosse, Prof. A. Hoeks | Co-supervisor: Dr E. Bosboom
Title: On the clinical estimation of the hemodynamical and mechanical properties of the arterial tree
Eindhoven Technical University, 4 October 2010 
Lopata R
Supervisors: Prof. J. Thijssen, Prof. R. de Groot | Co-supervisor: Dr C. de Korte, Dr L. Kapusta
Title: 2D And 3D ultrasound strain imaging. Methods and in vivo applications
Radboud University Nijmegen, 3 December 2010 
Bruins Slot M
Supervisors: Prof. A. Hoes, Prof. J. Glatz | Co-supervisors: Dr F. Rutten, Dr G. van der Heijden
Title: Biomarkers for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome. Studies in primary care
Utrecht University, 4 November 2010