Theses 2011

Moret K
Supervisor: Prof. K Leunissen | Co-supervisor: Dr J Kooman
Title: The role of technological advances in sodium prescription and adequacy assessment during hemodialysis
21 January 2011
Kubben N
Supervisor: Prof. Y. Pinto | Co-supervisors: Dr J. Voncken, Dr T. Mistelli (Bethesda, USA)
Title: Lamin interA/Ctors: from the premature to senescence
26 January 2011
Verkaar F
Supervisor: Prof. J. Smits | Co-supervisors: Dr M. Blankesteijn, Dr G. Zaman
Title: Pharmacological characterization of wnt/frizzled signaling
10 February 2011
Dennert R
Supervisor: Prof. S. Heymans, Prof. H. Crijns | Co-supervisor: Prof. J. Cohen Tervaert
Title: Idiopathic cardiomyopathies: the role of virus persistence and immune-mediated disease
25 February 2011
Verstraeten V
Supervisor: Prof. F.C.S. Ramaekers | Co-supervisors: Dr J.L.V. Broers, Dr M.A.M. van Steensel
Title: Nuclear structure at the crossroad of premature aging and lipodystrophy
3 March 2011
Cranenburg E
Supervisor: Prof. J .Rosing | Co-supervisors: Dr C. Vermeer, Dr L. Schurgers
Title: Circulating Matrix Fla-protein: a biomarker for vascular disease
17 March 2011
Duckers C
Supervisor: Prof. J. Rosing | Co-supervisor: Dr E. Castoldi
Title: Modulators of bleeding tendency in severe factore V deficiency
24 March 2011
Gaens K
Supervisors: Prof. C. Stehouwer, Dr C. Schalkwijk
Title: The Nε- (Carboxymethyl)lysine-RAGE axis; Implications for the pathogenesis of obesity-related complications
1 April 2011
Nabben M
Supervisors: Prof. L.P. Schrauwen, Prof. J. Glatz | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Hoeks
Title: Uncoupling protein 3 and the protection of skeletal muscle mitochondrial function; a transgenic approach
20 April 2011
Caolo V
Supervisor: Prof. M. Post | Co-supervisor: Dr D. Molin
Title: VEGF and NOTCH in Blood Vessels, an Intricate and Fascinating Interplay
11 May 2011
Brouwers O
Supervisors: Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer, Prof. J.G.R. De Mey | Co-supervisor: Dr C.G. Schalkwijk
Title: Intracellular glycation and endothelial dysfunction; role of methylglyoxal
18 May 2011

Groeneweg HM
Supervisor: Prof. M.H. Hofker | Co-supervisor: Dr M.P.J. de Winther
Title: Macrophages and modified lipoproteins: modulation of inflammation?
 20 May 2011
Loon van MM
Supervisor: Prof. P.J.E.H.M. Kitslaar | Co-supervisors: Dr J. Tordoir, Dr F. van der Sande
Title: Cannulation practise and complications in hemodialysis vascular access
26 May 2011
Bekkers SCAM
Supervisors: Prof. A.P.M. Gorgels, Prof. J. Waltenberger
Title: Assessment of injury in reperfused acute myocardial infarction using cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging
1 June 2011

Nergiz-Unal R
Supervisor: Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Cosemans
Title: Platelets in atherothrombosis - roles of CD36 and P2Y12 receptors
23 June 2011

Rennenberg R
Supervisor: Prof. P.W. de Leeuw | Co-supervisor: Dr A.A. Kroon, Dr L.J. Schurgers
Title: Vascular Calcifications and Matrix Gla Protein in Hypertensive Subjects
6 July 2011

Martherus SRM
Supervisors: Prof. H.J.M. Smeets, Prof. J.P.M. Geraedts | Co-promotor: Dr T.A.Y. Ayoubi
Title: Pulsing response of the cardiac transcriptome
7 September 2011

Jaspers K
Supervisor: Prof. M.J. Post | Co-supervisors: Dr W.H. Backes, Dr T. Leiner
Title: MRI of the therapeutic neovascularization: morphology & function
9 September 2011

Jacobs M
Supervisor: Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer | Co-supervisors: Dr M.M. van Greevenbroek, Dr C.J. van der Kallen
Title: The Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease: The CODAM study
29 September 2011

Hanssen SJP
Supervisors: Prof. M.J.H.M. Jacobs, Prof. W.A. Buurman
Title: Hemolysis, microcirculatory changes and organ injury induced by cardiovascular surgery
30 September 2011
Steinbusch LKM
Supervisors: Prof. J.F.C. Glatz, Prof. M. Diamant, VUA | Co-superviors: Dr J.F.P. Luiken, Dr D.W. Ouwens
Title: CD36: a target to restore cardiac function in type 2 diabetes
13 October 2011
Supervisor: Prof. J.G.R. De Mey
Title: Interactions between ET-1 and CGRP in resistance arteries
19 October 2011
Verjans JWH
Supervisor: Prof. L. Hofstra
Title: Molecular imaging of acute and healing myocardial infarction
14 December 2011
Stevens KNJ
Supervisors: Prof. J.G. Maessen, Prof. L.H. Koole
Title: Blood-contacting biomaterials for critical clinical applications
15 December 2011
Jonk AM
Supervisors: Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer, Prof. P. de Leeuw | Co-supervisor: Dr A.J.H.M. Houben
Title: Microvascular actions of insulin: studies on the interaction with angiotensin II and on the postprandial state
15 December 2011
Houben F
Supervisors: Prof. F.C.S. Ramaekers, Prof. L.H. Snoeckx | Co-supervisor: Dr J.L.V. Broers
Title: Nucleo-cytoskeletal interactions in the mechanical functioning of the cell
20 December 2011
Kilinc E
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisor: Dr H. Spronk
Title: Effects of air pollution on haemostasis and atherosclerosis
22 December 2011
Soliman Hamad M
Supervisors: Prof. O. Penn, Prof. O. Zundert | Co-supervisor: Dr A. van Straten
Title: Surgical revascularization in patients with left ventricular dysfunction, management and predictors of outcome
Catharina Hospital, 21 January 2011
Sarabi A
Supervisors: Prof. C. Weber, Prof. R. Fischer
Title: Structural and functional characterization of the interactions of platelet-derived chemokines CCL5, CXCL4 and CXCL4L1
Rheinisch-Westfaelischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen, 31 January 2011
Waringer J
Supervisor: Prof. K.S. Leonhardt | Co-supervisors: Dr G. Muehlenbruch, Dr C. Knackstedt
Title: Automatische intrathorakale Impedanzmessung bei Patienten mit Herzinsuffizienz und biventrkulaerer ICD-Therapie-Behandlungsalgorithmus
Rheinisch-Westfaelischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen, 29 March 2011
Supervisor: Prof. C.H.A. Wittens | Co-supervisor: Dr A. van der Ham
Title: Venous cry surgery of the leg
29 September 2011
Kats S
Supervisors: Prof. W. Seinen, Prof. J.G. Maessen | Co-supervisors: Dr J.P.A.M. Schönberger, Dr W. van Oeveren
Title: Alkaline phosphatase. An old enzyme newly discovered. Implications in cardiac surgery
University of Utrecht, 25 November 2011