Theses 2013

Erkens P
Supervisors: Prof. M. Prins, Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisor: Dr H. Stoffers.
Title: The role of primary and secondary care in the management of pulmonary embolism: a shifting paradigm?
20 February 2013
Donfrancesco C
Supervisors: Prof. H.C. Hemker, Prof. G. de Gaetano, Campobasso, Italy
Title: The assessment of cardiovascular risk for primary prevention in the Italian adult population
28 February 2013
Palmieri L
Supervisors: Prof. H.C. Hemker, Prof. G. de Gaetano, Campobasso, Italy
Title: Surveillance of cardiovascular diseases in the Italian adult population
28 February 2013
Van de Laar R
Supervisors: Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer, Prof. M.H. Prins, Prof. J.W.R. Twisk, VUA | Co-supervisor: Dr I. Ferreira
Title: Lifestyle and arterial stiffness in young adults: A life-course approach
7 March 2013
Johnson D
Supervisor: Prof. H.J.G.M. Crijns | Co-supervisors: Dr P.G.A. Volders, Dr N. Abi-Gerges (UK)
Title: Enhanced prediction and prevention of drug-induced Torsades de Pointes
8 March 2013
Hendriks J
Supervisors: Prof. H.J.G.M. Crijns, Prof. H.J.M. Vrijhoef | Co-supervisor: Dr R.G. Tieleman
Title: Integrated Chronic Care for patients with Atrial Fibrillation
14 March 2013
Veldhorst-Janssen N
Supervisors: Prof. M.A.E. Marcus, Prof. C. Neef | Co-supervisor: Dr P.H.M. van der Kuy
Title: Intranasal delivery of rapid acting drugs
2 March 2013
Lancé M
Supervisors: Prof. M.A.E. Marcus, Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk | Co-supervisor: Dr Y.M.C. Henskens
Title: A circle of improvement in bleeding management: from laboratory to clinic and back
17 May 2013
Hermans M
Supervisor: Prof. Y.M. Pinto | Co-supervisor: Dr C.G. Faber, Dr I.S.J. Merkies
Title: Getting a grip on myotonic dystrophy type 1
21 June 2013
Rademakers T
Supervisors: Prof. E. Biessen, Prof. M. van Zandvoort | Co-supervisor: Dr S. Heeneman
Title: Plaque angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis: can small vessels influence atherosclerosis?
26 June 2013
Van Garsse L
Supervisor: Prof. J.G. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr S. Gelsomino
Title: Echocardiographic predictors for recurrence of ischemic mitral regurgitation after restrictive annuloplasty
27 June 2013
Christ A
Supervisors: Prof. M.J.A.P. Daemen, Prof. M. Zenke | Co-supervisor: Prof. E.A.L. Biessen
Title: Dendritic cells in hyperlipidemia-associated atherosclerosis
12 September 2013
Ronden R
Supervisor: Prof. P.W. de Leeuw | Co-supervisors: Dr A.A. Kroon, Dr A.J.H.M. Houben
Title: Modulation of rental ADMA handling in hypertension
12 September 2013
Blaauw E
Supervisors: Prof. G.J. van der Vusse, Prof. F.W. Prinzen | Co-supervisor: Dr M. van Bilsen
Title: Stretch-mediated cardiac hypertrophy and extracellular matrix remodelling
13 September 2013
Vasina E
Supervisors: Prof. J. Heemskerk, Prof. C. Weber | Co-supervisors: Dr R. Koenen, Dr S. Cauwenberghs
Title: Platelet-derived microparticles in vascular inflammation
19 September 2013
Compeer M -
Supervisor: Prof.dr. J.G.R. De Mey
Title: On the molecular pharmacology of endotheliA Receptors or how EndothelinA agonists can make a difference
20 September 2013