Theses 2018

Theodorou K - CUM LAUDE
Supervisor: Prof. E.A.L. Biessen | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Donners
Title: Disarray at the membrane; regulation of vascular inflammation by cholesterol and proteases
19 January 2018
Van der Linden N - CUM LAUDE
Supervisors: Prof. M.P. van Dieijen Visser, Prof. L.J.C. van Loon | Co-supervisor: Dr S.J.R. Meex 
Title: Cardiac troponins: state of the (he)art; towards optimization of interpretation
19 January 2018
Sörensen B
Supervisor: Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer | Co-supervisors: Dr A.J.H.M. Houben, Dr M. Schram
Title: Determinants of microvascular function in individuals with and without type 2 diabetes: a population-based approach
19 January 2018
Verjans R
Supervisor: Prof. S.R.B. Heymans | Co-supervisors: Dr B. Schroen, Dr M. van Bilsen
Title: MicroRNAs Orchestra the Cellular Processes Driving Failure of the Heart
23 February 2018
Vries M
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisors: Dr Y. Henskens; Dr M. Lancé
Title: Assessment of Bleeding Risk. Preoperatively and in the context of antiplatelet therapy
23 February 2018
Gräni C
Supervisor: Prof. H.P. Brunner-la Rocca | Co-supervisor: Dr S.C.A.M. Bekkers
Title: Non-invasive cardiac imaging of coronary artery anomalies
23 February 2018
Casas Guijarro A - CUM LAUDE
Supervisors: Prof. H.H.H.W. Schmitz, Prof. C. Kleinschnitz | Co-supervisor: Dr F. de Vries
Title: Network pharmacology for a first-in class neuroprotective therapy in ischemic stroke
1 March 2018
Nielen Y
Supervisors: Prof. A. Boonen, Prof. P. Dagnelie
Title: Osteoarthritis: association with diabetes mellitus, and treatment-related outcomes
9 March 2018
Baaten C
Supervisor: Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk | Co-supervisor: Dr P.E.J. van der Meijden
Title: Acquired alteration in platelets: Insight into impairment and recovery in platelet function
15 March 2018
Kietadisorn R
Supervisor: Prof. E. Biessen | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Sluimer
Title: Drainage versus defense: The management of vascular leakage in cardiovascular diseases
23 May 2018
Rech M
Supervisor: Prof. B. Schroen | Co-supervisors: Dr M. van Bilsen, Prof. S. Heymans
Title: Unraveling metabolic mechanisms in heart failure: microRNAs as part of the puzzle
23 May 2018
Kuiper G
Supervisors: Prof. H. ten Cate, Prof. W. Buhre | Co-supervisors: Dr Y. Henskens, Dr M. Lancé
Title: Haemostasis monitoring: pinpointing using point of care
31 May 2018
Posthuma J
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisor: Dr H. Spronk
Title: Haemostatic and Cellular Effects of Coagulation Proteases; exploring new areas of pleiotropy
13 June 2018
Maeder M
Supervisor: Prof. H.P Brunner-la Rocca | Co-supervisor: Dr S. Sanders-van Wijk
Title: The trial of Intensified Medical Therapy in Elderly patients with Congestive Heart Failure (TIME-CHF): Novel Insights into Hot Topics in Heart Failure
14 June 2018
Eurlings L
Supervisors: Prof. H.P Brunner-la Rocca, Prof. Y. Pinto
Title: Biomarkers for risk stratification and guidance in heart failure
14 June 2018
Ter Bekke R
Supervisor: Prof. P. Volders
Title: Ventricular arrhythmogenesis in the genetically-susceptible Heart; time to change concepts of mechanisms and management
22 June 2018
Solari F
Supervisors: Prof. J. Heemskerk, Prof. A. Sickmann | Co-supervisor: Dr R.P. Zahedi
Title: Characterization of platelet disorders using quantitative proteomics
26 June 2018
Roolvink V
Supervisor: Prof. A. van ‘t Hof | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Ottervanger
Title: Pre-hospitale Beta-blockers in ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction
29 June 2018
Davarzani N
Supervisors: Prof. R.L.M. Peeters, Prof. H.P. Brunner-La Rocca | Co-supervisors: Dr E.N. Smirnov, Dr J.M.H. Karel
Title: Biomarker Discovery in Heart Failure
2 July 2018
Kemna M
Supervisor: Prof. J.W. Cohen Tervaert | Co-supervisors: Dr.J. Damoiseaux, Dr P. van Paassen 
Title: Predicting relapses in ANCA associated vasculitis
5 July 2018
de Wolf M
Supervisor: Prof. C.H.A. Wittens | Co-supervisor: Dr R. de Graaf
Title: Outflow Reconstruction of the Lower Extremity in Chronic Venous Obstructive Disease
6 July 2018
Out M
Supervisor: Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer | Co-supervisor: Dr A. Kooy, UMC Groningen
Title: Metformin; Pharmacogenetics and Metabolic Effects
9 July 2018
van Agtmaal M
Supervisor: Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer | Co-supervisors: Dr M.T. Schram, Dr A.J.H.M. Houben
Title: Diabetes, microvascular dysfunction, and depression: A population-based approach
27 September 2018
Loos C
Supervisor: Prof. R.J. van Oostenbrugge | Co-supervisor: Dr J.E.A. Staals
Title: Evolution of MRI features of cerebral small vessel disease
28 September 2018
Kilic S
Supervisor: Prof. A.W.J. van ‘t Hof | Co-supervisors: Dr R. Hermanides, Dr E. Kedhi
Title: Therapeutic Challenges in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction
3 October 2018
van Geffen J
Supervisor: Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk | Co-supervisors: Dr M.E.J. Kuipers, Dr B. de Laat
Title: Complex platelet phenotyping: integrative assessment of platelet activity in haemostasis and thrombosis
3 October 2018
van Haare J
Supervisors: Prof. M. Post, Prof. M.E. Kooi | Co-supervisor: Dr M. van Bilsen
Title: Microvascular dysfunction as an early hallmark of cardiac disease
12 October 2018
Brinkhues S
Supervisors: Prof. C.J.P.A. Hoebe, Prof. P.H.M. Savelkoul | Co-supervisors: Dr N.H.T.M. Dukers-Muijrers, Dr M.T. Schram
Title: Social networks in relation to infectious diseases and type 2 diabetes
31 October 2018
Heinen S
Supervisors: Prof. T. Delhaas, Prof. F.N. van de Vosse | Co-supervisors: Dr W. Huberts, Dr J.P.P.M. de Vries
Title: Towards a non-invasive patient-specific vascular model for iliac artery stenosis severity assessment
31 October 2018
van Overbeek E
Supervisor: Prof. R. van Oostenbrugge | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Staals
Title: Markers of endothelial function and progression of cerebral small vessel disease; A longitudinal MR Imaging study
2 November 2018
Onete V
Supervisor: Prof. C. Stehouwer | Co-supervisors: Dr R. Henry, Dr M. Schram
Title: Arterial Stiffness: Neuropsychiatric Consequences and Pathophysiologic Mechanisms; Late Life Depression, Cognitive Dysfuntion and Advanced Glycation End-Products
8 November 2018
Dupuis L
Supervisor: Prof. T. Delhaas | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Lumens
Title: Forced to Cooperate; Mechano-Chemical Interactions in Cardiac Sarcomeres
9 November 2018
van Varik B
Supervisors: Prof. P. de Leeuw, Prof. A. Kroon | Co-supervisor: Dr R. Rennenberg
Title: Arterial remodeling and hypertensive damage; Clinical studies in patients with essential hypertension
14 November 2018
Vignoli A
Supervisors: Prof. H. ten Cate, Prof. A. Falanga | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Marchetti
Title: Heparins in Thrombosis and Cancer: Effects on the Vascular Endothelium
16 November 2018
Lemkens P
Supervisor: Prof. J. De Mey | Co-supervisor: Dr P. Schiffers
Title: Arterial Function and Structure in Experimental Hypertension. Effects of NEP/ECE Inhibition
28 November 2018

Bidar E
Supervisors: Prof. U. Schotten, Prof. J. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr S. Verheule
Title: Assessment of the clinical and electrophysiological characteristics of atrial fibrillation during and after cardiac surgery
30 November 2018
Alshaikh N
Supervisors: Prof. T. Hackeng, Prof.J. Rosing
Title: Quantification and evaluation of the anticoagulant activities of protein S in plasma
28 November 2018
Dudink E
Supervisor: Prof. H. Crijns | Co-supervisors: Dr B. Weijs, Dr J. Luermans
Title: The link between vascular disease and atrial fibrillation
7 December 2018
Poels Th
Supervisors: Prof. J. Maessen, Prof. F. Prinzen
Title: Left Bundle Branch Block in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation – Determinants of Development and Persistence
13 December 2018
Poels E
Supervisors: Dr P. da Costa Martins, Prof. L. de Windt | Co-supervisor: Dr V. van Empel
Title: New insights into the failing right ventricle
18 December 2018
Zhang H
Supervisors: Prof. J. Kooman, Prof. P. Kotanko | Co-supervisors: Dr J. Raimann, Dr F. van der Sande
Title: Dynamics of Oxygen saturation, fluid and blood pressure during hemodialysis and their associations with clinical outcomes
18 December 2018
Maddux D
Supervisors: Prof. J. Kooman, Prof. P. Kotanko | Co-supervisors: Dr L. Usvyat, Dr F. van der Sande
Title: Clinical factors impacting quality of life and outcomes through the transition from pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease to early dialysis treatment
18 December 2018
Van der Weg K
Supervisors: Prof. T. Gorgels, Prof. M. Krucoff, Prof. R. de Winter
Title: Reperfusion cardiac arrhythmias and their relation to reperfusion induced cell death
21 December 2018