Theses 2019

Van Hunnik A
Supervisor: Prof. U. Schotten | Co-supervisors: Dr S. Verheule, Dr S. Zeemering
Title: Dynamics of propagation patterns and anti- arrhythmic mechanisms during atrial fibrillation
10 January 2019
Van Vuuren T
Supervisor: Prof. C. Wittens | Co-supervisor: Dr R. de Graaf
Title: Deep venous obstruction: towards optimizing treatment strategies
11 January 2019
Kicken C
Supervisor: Prof. W. Buhre | Co-supervisors: Dr B. de Laat, Dr M. Lancé, Qatar
Title: Extreme blood coagulation; investigating the influence of physiological extremes on thrombin generation and platelet activation
17 January 2019
Heuts S
Supervisor: Prof. J. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr P. Sardari Nia
Title: The Potential of Pre-operative Planning in Cardiothoracic Surgery
7 February 2019
Amin E
Supervisors: Prof. H. ten Cate, Prof. M. Joore | Co-supervisor: Dr A.J. ten Cate-Hoek
Title: Personalized Management of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome
7 February 2019
Zhang E
Supervisores: Prof. R. van Oostenbrugge, Prof. W. Backes | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Staals
Title: Novel insights in the pathophysiology of cerebral small vessel disease – a study using advanced imaging techniques
8 February 2019
Lozekoot P
Supervisors: Prof. S. Gelsomino, Prof. J. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr D. Johnson
Title: Intra-aortic Balloon Pumping; New insights for an old therapy
15 February 2019
Wetzels S
Supervisores: Prof. C. Schalkwijk, Prof. J. Hendriks, UHasselt | Co-supervisors: Dr K. Wouters, Dr T. van Mierlo, UHasselt
Title: Advanced glycation endproducts in multiple sclerosis
21 February 2019
Eijkenboom I
Supervisors: Prof. H. Smeets, Prof. C. Faber | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Vanoevelen
Title: A zebrafish model of small-fiber neuropathy
22 February 2019
Bijnen M
Supervisor: Prof. C. Schalkwijk | Co-supervisor: Dr K. Wouters
Title: The inflamed liver: RAGE and Gluttony
22 February 2019
Ding S
Supervisors: Prof. M. Post, Prof. G. Zhou
Title: Maintaining the stemness of satellite cells during long-term culture
27 March 2019

Zonnebeld N
Supervisors: Prof. T. Delhaas, Prof. J. Tordoir | Co-supervisor: W. Huberts
Title: Enter the Matrix: Computational and mechanistical approaches to improve arteriovenous fistula maturation
29 March 2019
Vroomen M
Supervisors: Prof. H. Crijns, Prof. L. Pison | Co-supervisor: Prof. B. Maesen
Title: The evolving landscape in the hybrid treatment of atrial fibrillation
11 April 2019

Peeters F
Supervisors: Prof. H. Crijns, Prof. L. Schurgers | Co-supervisors: Dr S. Meex, Dr B. Kietselaer
Title: The snowball effect in aortic valve disease; gaining insight in imaging, circulating and tissue biomarkers towards a halt in disease progression
18 April 2019
van Doorn P
Supervisor: Prof. T. Hackeng | Co-supervisor: Dr E. Castoldi
Title: Functional interactions between factor V and TFPIa during onset of blood coagulation
1 May 2019
Raso A
Supervisor: Prof. L. de Windt | Co-supervisor: Dr P. Da Costa Martins
Title: MicroRNAs as therapeutic targets in heart diseases
2 May 2019
Zwaveling S
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisors: Dr S. Bloemen, Dr A. ten Cate-Hoek
Title: The impact of oral anticoagulants on haemostasis; A step towards individualized therapy
3 May 2019
Knapen L
Supervisor: Prof. V. Tjan-Heijnen | Co-Supervisors: Dr S. Croes, Dr F. de Vries, Dr N. van Erp, Radboud
Title: Insight in disease and drug interactions, with treatment optimisation of patients with cancer
10 May 2019
Kimenai D
Supervisor: Prof. O. Bekers | Co-supervisor: Dr S. Meex
Title: Female versus male hearts; battle of the cardiac troponins
16 May 2019
Moorlag M
Supervisors: Prof. T. Hackeng (de jure), Prof. H. Hemker (de facto)
Title: Thrombinoscopy Revisited
17 May 2019
Sondermeijer H
Supervisors: Prof. M.J. Post, Prof. A.A. van der Laarse, Leids UMC
Title: Bioengineering of novel 3D scaffolds for cell-based therapy in heart failure and diabetes mellitus
17 May 2019
Hermans-Beijnsberger S
Supervisor: Prof. B. Schroen | Co-supervisor: Dr M. van Bilsen
Title: Emerging roles of small and long non-coding RNAs in Cardiac disease
22 May 2019
Giamouridis D
Supervisors: Prof. E. Biessen, Prof. H. Hammond | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Blankesteijn
Title: Preclinical Development of Gene Therapy; The effects of Urocortin 2 and Urocortin 3 gene transfer in murine models of heart failure and diabetes
5 June 2019
De Jong R
Supervisors: Prof. A. Masclee, Prof. M. Janssen-Heijnen | Co-supervisor: Dr F. de Vries
Title: Type 2 diabetes mellitus and gastrointestinal cancer; Disease, drugs, or distortion?
5 June 2019
Schütten M
Supervisors: Prof. C. Stehouwer, Prof. P. de Leeuw | Co-supervisor: Dr A. Houben
Title: Microvascular effects of aldosterone and salt in Health, obesity and hypertension; consequences for blood pressure and insulin sensitivity
20 June 2019
Van Stipdonk A
Supervisors: Prof. F. Prinzen, Prof. H. Crijns | Co-supervisor: Dr K. Vernooy
Title: Simplicity is key in CRT: Patient selection and management in cardiac resynchronization therapy
21 June 2019
Huntjens P
Supervisors: Prof. T. Delhaas, Prof. P. Bordachar, Univ. de Bordeaux | Co-supervisors: Dr J. Lumens, Dr S. Ploux, Univ. de Bordeaux
Title: Pacing the heart: synchronization or orchestration?
27 June 2019
Fabris E
Supervisor: Prof. A. van ’t Hof | Co-supervisors: Dr E. Kedhi, Dr R. Hermanides
Title: Myocardial reperfusion in STEMI and the role of the antithrombotic/antiplatelet therapy
28 June 2019

Opačić D
Supervisor: Prof. U. Schotten | Co-supervisors: Dr S. Verheule, Dr S. Zeemering
Title: Metabolic modulators as a treatment of atrial fibrillation
4 July 2019

Smedema J
Supervisor: Prof. H. Crijns
Title: Delayed-Enhanced Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance in the diagnosis and management of Cardiac Sarcoidosis
4 July 2019

Brandenburg V
Supervisor: Prof. H-P. Brunner-La Rocca | Co-supervisor: Dr C. Knackstedt
Title: Beyond lipids and smoking - the nephrologist's perspective on cardiovascular disease associated with CKD
6 September 2019

Cetinkaya M
Supervisors: Prof. B. Kramer, Prof. T. Delhaas | Co-supervisor: Dr D. Gavilanes
Title: Translational Approach for New Therapeutic Targets in Prevention of Severe Neonatal Morbidities: From Bench to Bedside
17 September 2019

Xin Y
Supervisors: Prof. C. Stehouwer, Prof. C. Schalkwijk | Co-supervisor: Dr M.M.J. van Greevenbroek
Title: The complement system and obesity-associated metabolic disorders: The CODAM study
25 September 2019

Heusinkveld M
Supervisor: Prof. T. Delhaas | Co-supervisors: Dr K.D. Reesink, Dr W. Huberts
Title: Digital Twin of Analogue Man; Development of a Computational Modelling Platform to Assess Heart-Vessel Interaction in Humans
4 October 2019

Beumer D
Supervisors: Prof. R.J. van Oostenbrugge, Prof. D.W.J. Dippen, Prof. W.H. van Zwam
Title: Insights in acute endovascular treatment in ischemic stroke
10 October 2019

Crombag G
Supervisors: Prof. M.E. Kooi, Prof. J.E. Wildberger, Prof. R.J. van Oostenbrugge
Title: MRI Imaging of carotid intraplaque hemorrhage and microvasculature
11 October 2019

Nagy M
Supervisors: Prof. J. Heemskerk, Prof. S. Watson (Birmingham) | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Cosemans
Title: Discovering new pathways in thrombus formation
7 November 2019

Nijssen E
Supervisor: Prof. J. Wildberger | Co-supervisors: Dr P. Nelemans, Dr G. van Ommen
Title: AMACING; A MAastricht contrast-induced nephropathy guideline project; Evaluation of guideline-recommended prophylaxis to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy
27 November 2019

Olorunfemi Oshagbemi
Supervisors: Prof. E.F.M. Wouters, Prof. F. de Vries | Co-supervisor: Dr F.M.E. Franssen, CIRO Horn
Title: Biomarkers in real-life COPD Management
2 December 2019

Maria Veugen
Supervisors: Prof. H.P. Brunner-La Rocca, Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer | Co-supervisor: Dr R.M.A. Henry
Title: Health burden in (pre)diabetes and the role of cardiovascular Function; Extensive phenotyping in a population-based approach
11 December 2019

Sjeng Quicken
Supervisor: Prof. T. Delhaas | Co-supervisors: Dr W. Huberts, Dr B.M.E. Mees
Title: GRAFTWERK; A structured approach for optimising dialysis grafts
12 December 2019

Henk van der Linde
Supervisor: Prof. P.G.A. Volders | Co-supervisor: Dr D.J. Gallacher, Janssen Research Dev., Beerse, Belgium
Title: The cardiac ElectroMechanici Window & Arrhythmogenesis. Veni-Vidi-Vivo
13 December 2019

Giuseppe Maria Raffa
Supervisors: Prof. R. Lorusso, Prof. J.G. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr J.W. Sels
Title: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support in Post-Cardiotomy Shock
16 December

Stepan Denisov
Supervisor: Prof. T.M. Hackeng | Co-supervisor: Dr I. Dijkgraaf
Title: Catching evaders: structure elucidation and molecular mechanisms of tick salivary proteins
18 December 2019

PhD Conferral Stan Vluggen
Supervisors: Prof. H. de Vries, Prof. N.C. Schaper | Co-supervisor: C. Hoving
Title: Exploring and improving treatment adherence in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus using eHealth. The development and evolution of a web-based computer-tailored program: My Diabetes Profile
19 December 2019