theses 2021

Naoual Bennaghmouch
Supervisor: Prof. H. ten Cate | Co-supervisors: Dr J.M. ten Berg, Prof. M. Rienstra (RUG)
Title: The use of the non-vitamin-K oral anticoagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation with(out) concomitant coronary artery disease: To be or not to be? That is the question
7 January 2021

Job Verdonschot - CUM LAUDE
Supervisors: Prof. S.R.B. Heymans, Prof. H.G. Brunner | Co-supervisors: Dr I.P.C. Krapels, Dr M.R. Hazebroek
Title: Causes and consequences of dilated cardiomyopathy: Integrating genotype and phenotype to redefine disease diagnostics and therapeutics
8 January 2021

Frank van Rosmalen
Supervisors: Prof. T. Delhaas, Prof. U. Schotten | Co-supervisor: Dr S. Zeemering
Title: New items in the electrophysiologist's toolbox. Future improvements for electrophysiological AF treatment
13 January 2021

Svenja Petersohn
Supervisor: Prof. M.A. Joore | Co-supervisors: Dr A.J. ten Cate-Hoek, Dr B.L.T. Ramaekers
Title: Health technology assessment of treatment for peripheral arterial disease
14 January 2021

Henry Sutanto
Supervisors: Dr J. Heijman, Prof. H.J.G.M. Crijns, Prof. P.G.A. Volders
Title: Integrative Computational Modeling of Calcium Handling and Cardiac Arrhythmias
15 January 2021

Federica De Majo
Supervisors: Prof. L.J. de Windt, Prof. M. Stoll
Title: Healthy aging: the heart of the matter is outside of the heart
20 January 2021

Floris Schreuder
Supervisors: Prof. W.H. Mess, Prof. M.E. Kooi, Prof. R.J. van Oostenbrugge
Title: Non-Invasive Imaging of the Carotid Artery - From structural vessel wall to functional plaque imaging
21 January 2021

Nynke Simons
Supervisors: Prof. M.C.G.J. Brouwers, Prof. C.D.A. Stehouwer, Prof. N.C. Schaper
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in relation to Cardiovascular Disease: Is all fat equal?
26 February 2021

Emilia Ruggiero
Supervisors: Prof. H. ten Cate, Prof. G. de Gaetano, Pozzilli, Italy | Co-supervisors: Dr L. Iacoviello, Pozzilli and Varese-Como Italy, Dr M. Bonnaccio, Pozzilli Italy
1 March 2021

Richard Houghton
Supervisors: Prof. F de Vries, Prof. J.P. van den Bergh
4 March 2021

Quentin Roblain
Supervisors: Prof. S. Heymans, Prof. A. Noël, University of Liège | Co-supervisors: Dr V. Caolo, Dr J. Lecomte, University of Liège
Title: The eye as a miRror: targeting microRNAs
15 March

Arantxa Barandiaran Aizpurua
Supervisor: Prof. B. Schroen | Co-supervisors: Dr V.P.M. van Empel, Dr C. Knackstedt 
26 March

Judith M. Hilderink
Supervisors: Prof. O. Bekers, Prof. R.P. Koopmans | Co-supervisor: Dr S.J.R. Meex
Title: Real change or natural fluctuation? Linking laboratory results to clinical practice
30 March

Laura Vergoossen
Supervisor: Prof. W.H. Backes | Co-supervisors: Dr J.F.A. Jansen, Dr M.T. Schram
Title: Brain Network Alterations due to Cardiometabolic Risk Factors; Insights from Population Magnetic Resonance Imaging
1 April

Sotirios Nedios
Supervisors: Prof. H.J.G.M. Crijns, Prof. G. Hindricks (Univ. Leipzig) | Co-supervisors: Prof. A. Bollman (Univ. Leipzig), Dr J. Heijman
Title: Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: the association between atrial anatomy and clinical outcomes
14 April

Mark Friedberg
Supervisor: Prof. F.W. Prinzen | Co-supervisors: Em.Prof. F. Meijboom (UU), Dr J. Lumens
Title: The stressed right ventricle and its impact on the left ventricle
21 April

Lu Dai
Supervisors: Prof. L. Schurgers, Prof. P. Stenvinkel (Karolinksa Institutet, Stockholm), Prof. R. Kramann (RWTH Aachen)
Title: Chronic kidney disease - a clinical model of premature vascular aging
6 May

Nienke Verzaal
Supervisors: Prof. F. Prinzen, Prof. T. Delhaas | Co-supervisor: Dr C. van Deursen
Title: Branching out: CRT beyond current concepts
10 May

Walid Chayoua 
Supervisors: Prof. H. ten Cate, Prof K. Devreese ( UZ Gent) | Co-supervisor: Dr B. de Laat
Title: The Antiphospholipid Syndrome: The clinical importance of detecting antiphospholipid antibodies by immunoassays 
18 May

Erik Willemen
Supervisors: Prof. F. Prinzen, Prof. T. Delhaas | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Lumens 
Title: A wholehearted computational assessment of cardiac pacing
21 May

Vladimir Sobota
Supervisors: Prof. U. Schotten, Dr S. Verheule | Co-supervisors: Dr A. van Hunnik 
Title: Mechanisms of Action of Atrial-Specific Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs
28 May

Lara Ottaviani
Supervisors: Prof. P. da Costa Martins, Prof. L. de Windt 
Title: Extracellular vesicles at the heart of cell-cell communication
28 May

Bastiaan Zwart 
Supervisors: Prof. ten Berg, Prof. A. van 't Hof
Title: Stent thrombosis and antithrombotic strategies in percutaneous coronary intervention
28 May

Kim van Kuijk
Supervisors: Prof.  J.C. Sluimer, Prof. E. Biessen | Co-supervisor: Prof. A. Baker (Edinburgh)
Title: The effect of intra- and extracellular challenges on cellular responses in atherosclerosis
4 June

Ömer Erküner
Supervisor: Prof. dr. H. Crijns | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Leurmans 
Title: Improving the understanding of atrial fibrillation progression and the appropriate use of anticoagulants 
4 June

Vasco Miguel Sampaio Pinto
Supervisors: Prof. D. dos Santos Nascimento (Porto), Prof. P. Da Costa Martins | Co-supervisor: Dr P. Pinto-do-Ó, (Porto)
Title: Dissecting mechanisms of neonatal cardiac regeneration
8 June

Sanne Brouns 
Supervisor: Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk | Co-supervisor: Dr P. van der Meijden 
Title: New insights in thrombus interactions: unravelling bleeding and thrombotic phenotypes
14 June

Danielle Coenen
Supervisor: Dr J. Cosemans | Co-supervisor: Dr R. Koenen
Title: Unraveling platelet function in inflammation and thrombosis. Secretory pathways and vascular interactions
25 June

Jun Wan
Supervisor: Prof. T. Hackeng | Co-supervisors: Dr B. de laat, Dr M. Roest (Synapse)
Title: Delicate interactions between plasma factors and blood cells affect
thrombin generation
29 June

Mayken Visser
Supervisors: Prof.  H. ten Cate | Co-supervisor: Dr H. Spronk, Dr S. Heitmeier (Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals)
Title: Unraveling the role of factor XI and plasma prekallikrein in coagulation
30 June

Ellen Boswijk
Supervisors: Prof. J. Wildberger, Prof. J. Bucerius (Göttingen), 
Prof. J. Sluimer 
Title: Positron emission tomography of inflammation in atherosclerosis
1 July 

Anouk Geraets
Supervisors: Dr M. Schram, Prof. F. Verhey | 
Co-supervisor: Dr S. Köhler
Title: Biological determinants of depression, the role of cerebral damage, microvascular dysfunction, and hyperglycemia: a population-based approach
2 July 

Bouke Adriaans
Supervisors: Prof. J. Wildberger, Prof. H. Crijns | 
Co-supervisor: Dr S. Schalla
Title: Advanced Imaging of the aortic valve and thoracic aorta. Moving
beyond diameters
2 July 

Ahmed Hassan
Supervisors: Prof. H. Schmidt, Prof. M. Dumontier
Title: FAIR and bias-free network modules for mechanism-based disease redefinitions
7 July 

Danique van den Kerkhof
Supervisors: Prof. T. Hackeng, Dr I. Dijkgraaf
Title: Exogenous factors as potential antiplatelet drugs
8 July
Rick Schreurs
Supervisors: Prof. F.W. Prinzen, Prof. J.G. Maessen 
Title: Novel indication and optimization strategies for cardiac pacing
10 September

Roman Zeleznik
Supervisors: Prof. H. Aerts, Prof. U. Hoffmann (Harvard University Boston, USA)
Title: Deep learning in cardiovascular imaging using A1 to improve risk predictions and optimize clinical workflows
16 September

Mariusz Kowalewski
Supervisors: Prof. R. Lorusso, Prof. J.G. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr E. Bidar
Title: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support in Complex Clinical Scenarios of Refractory Cardiogenic Shock in Adults
20 September

Han Jin
Supervisors: Prof. E.A.L. Biessen, Prof. J.C. Sluimer | Co-supervisor: Dr E. Smirnov
Title: Tangible Heart, Silicon Brain Computational Modelling of Cardiovascular Diseases
21 September
Maria Piazza
Supervisors: Prof. C. Schalkwijk, Prof. G. Rossi (University of Padua, Italy) | Co-supervisors: Prof. T. Seccia (Padua), Dr N. Hanssen (AMC)
Title: Novel aspects of the Renin-Angiotensin[1]Aldosterone System; A focus on hyperaldosteronism and glycation
4 October

Nienke Eijsvoogel
Supervisors: Prof. J. Wildberger, Prof M. Das (Helios Klinikum, Duisburg, Germany)
Title: Optimisation of scan and injection protocols to the individual patient in CT angiography
5 October
Bibian Tullemans
Supervisor: Prof. J.W.M. Heemskerk
Co-supervisors: Dr M.J.E. Kuijpers, Dr M.J.B. Aarts
Title: Tyrosine kinase inhibitors for cancer treatment: effects on platelets
6 October

Floris van den Brink
Supervisors: Prof. A. van 't Hof, Prof. J. ten Berg
Title: Intra-cardiac infections, coronary interventions and mechanical circulatory support
20 October

Yuri Declan Foreman
Supervisors: Prof.C. Stehouwer, Prof. M. Brouwers, Prof. N. Schaper
Title: The measurement and consequences of daily glucose variability; a meaningful addition to the mean?
20 October

Dongmei Yin
Supervisors: Prof. H. ten Cate, Prof K. Devreese (Ghent University, Belgium) | Co-Supervisor: Dr B. de Laat
Title: Evaluation and optimalisation of laboratory criteria for APS diagnosis
27 October

Sahab Abtahi

Supervisors: Prof. F. de Vries, Prof. A. Boonen
Title: Osteoporotic Fractures: Relation to Mortality, Medication Use, and Rheumatoid Arthritis
28 October
Michele Di Mauro
Supervisors: Prof. R. Lorusso, Prof J. Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr M. Maesen 
Title: Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation: its Interplay with the right Ventricle, Prognostic Role, and Surgical Results in Various Settings
11 November

Marianthi Kalafati
Supervisor: Prof. E. Blaak | Co-supervisors: Dr M. van Greevenbroek, Dr M. Summer-Kutmon, Dr M. Adriaens
Title: Investigating insulin resistance in human obesity with transcriptomics: Towards precision-based strategies
12 November

Annika Kuhn
Supervisor: Prof. B. Schroen | Co-supervisor: Dr M. van Bilsen
Title: Metabolic rewiring of the failing heart - unraveling cause and effect
18 November

Alexandra Heinzmann
Supervisors: Prof. T. Hackeng, Dr R. Koenen | Co-supervisor: Dr J. Cosemans
Title: Interplay of platelets, chemokines, and extracellular vesicles in the propagation of vascular inflammation
26 November
Daniel Claassens
Supervisors: Prof. J. ten Berg, Prof. A. van 't Hof | Co-supervisors: Dr V. Deneer (UMC Utrecht), Dr R. Hermanides (Isala Zwolle)
Title: Implementing pharmacogenetics to personalize antiplatelet therapy after myocardial infarction
3 December

Till Seime
Supervisors: Prof. L. Schurgers, Prof. U. Hedin (Karolinska Institute Sweden) | Co-supervisor: Dr L. Perisic Matic (Karolinska Institute Sweden)
Title: The role of smooth muscle cells in calcification of atherosclerotic plaques
7 December

Joris Winters
Supervisor: Prof. U. Schotten | Co-supervisor: Prof. M. Stoll
Title: Large scale analysis of atrial structure and gene expression in patients with atrial fibrillation
8 December

Xiasong Liu
Supervisors: Dr G. Nicolaes, Prof. C. Reutelingsperger | Co-supervisor: Dr K. Wichapong
Title: Implementation of Structural Bioinformatics in Thromboinflammation Studies
9 December

Francesco Matteucci
Supervisors: Prof. S. Gelsomino, Prof. M. Lemair (Vrije universiteit Brussel) | Co-supervisor: Dr. B. Maesen
Title: Bipolar biparietal bidirectional application of radiofrequency in experimental in vitro/in vivo environment
14 December

Christian Nogales Calvo
Supervisors: Prof. H. Schmidt, Dr A. Casas Guijarro
Title: Network Modules as Novel Molecular Disease Definitions for Precision Theranostics
16 December