theses 2024

Carsten Arnoldussen
Supervisors: Prof. Joachim Wildberger, Dr Arina ten Cate-Hoek, Prof. Cees Wittens
Title: 'Utilization of MR-Venography in deep vein obstruction'
12 January

Karolien Baldewijns
Supervisor: Prof. Hans-Peter Brunner-La Rocca | Co-supervisors: Dr JJJ Boyne, Dr A Devillé (Thomas More University of Applied Scieces)
Title: From guideline to practise: The organisation of multidisciplinary heart failure care in three European regions
25 January

Tim van Loon
Supervisors: Prof. Joost Lumens, Prof. Tammo Delhaas
Title: 'Fail to Fill: An in silico investigation of complex cardiac filling dynamics'
1 February

Renée Tillie
Supervisors: Prof. Judith Sluimer, Prof. Erik Biessen
Title: 'Plaque stabilizing and destabilizing effects in atherosclerosis: The role of microvessels, macrophage metabolism and fibroblasts'
2 February

Claudia van der Heijden
Supervisor: Prof. Jos Maessen | Co-supervisor: Dr Bart Maessen
Title: 'Exploring the Essential Aspects of the Hybrid Approach for Atrial Fibrillation'
2 February

Martine Bol
Supervisor: Prof. Tammo Delhaas
Co-supervisors: Dr M.C.G. van de Poll, Dr J.W.E.M. Sels
Title: 'Methodological and clinical aspects of glycocalyx measurements in critical illnes'
19 February

Job Stoks
Supervisors: Prof. Paul Volders, Prof. R.L.M. Peters, Prof. P. Dendale (Universiteit Hasselt) | Co-supervisor: Dr Matthijs Cluitmans
Title: 'Multimodal Image Integration to Better Explain Human Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias'
22 February