22 December 2017

Two grants Diabetes Foundation to the Dept. of Internal Medicine

Two clinician-scientists, Dr Martijn Brouwers and Dr Nordin Hanssen, from the department of internal medicine have been awarded a personal grant to further their research on the development of diabetes and its complications.

Dr Martijn Brouwers (left), Internist-endocrinologist at the MUMC+ has been awarded a senior fellowship for his research on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). His research focuses on elucidating the relationship between NAFLD and cardiovascular complications. The current fellowship will allow him to zoom in on the role of fructose in the pathogenesis of NAFLD (and type 2 diabetes) by employing a diverse set of experiments, ranging from experimental animal and human studies to epidemiological analyses in the Maastricht Study. 

Dr Nordin Hanssen, internist-endocrinologist in training at MUMC+ has been awarded the junior postdoc grant for his research at the department of Internal Medicine in the group of Prof. Schalkwijk and Prof. Stehouwer. Nordins research focusses on the role of methylglyoxal, a highly toxic glucose metabolite in cardiovascular disease. With the support of the Diabetes Foundation, Nordin will be able to further investigate the role of methylglyoxal in the development of diabetic complications (particularly chronic kidney disease and diabetic retinopathy).