PhD candidate in Vascular phenotyping: From arteriosclerosis to aortopathy


PhD Position

The heart of this project will be the assessment of arterial/aneurysmal structure and function. In our laboratory we are currently performing such studies on small (murine) arteries using a dynamic, biaxial testing methodology ( You will expand and use this methodology to test large arteries.

In your PhD project, you will:

  • Conduct human tissue studies and animal experiments;
  • Develop and improve biaxial testing of human and animal large arteries;
  • Be involved in the finalisation stage of DynamX-L development;
  • Devise and optimise testing protocols;
  • Collaborate closely with basic scientists, engineers, and MDs.

You will study several pathologies, including the effects of hypoxia in utero on arterial development, thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection (TAAD), and diabetes. By looking at such broad spectrum of diseases, we aim to identify common functional and structural (patho)physiological denominators.