Kootstra Fellowships - 1 April 2022

We are pleased to inform you that the call for the 'Kootstra Talent Fellowship (KTF)', round Spring 2022 is open. The application deadline is 1 April 12022.
The KTF aims to facilitate talented researchers to develop their own research ideas and CV, and subsequently help increase their chances of obtaining personal grants at external funding agencies.
Therefore, the fellowship should be, amongst other things, be used to apply for personal grants such as Veni, Marie Curie, and Rubicon.
The call is open to:

  • researchers who obtained their PhD degree at the FHML of Maastricht University within one year of the application deadline, or
  • researchers who are finalizing their PhD at the FHML of Maastricht University.

Please note that (i) the KTF must start within six months of the grant being awarded, and (ii) the candidate’s PhD thesis must have been approved by the evaluation committee before the fellowship can start. No exceptions will be allowed, and the Board will withdraw the award when this timeline is not met. Researchers in training as a medical specialist, or ‘arts-assistant niet in opleiding’, who meet the above criteria can submit an application. Please note that written permission from the training head is required in this case.

Kindly note that as of this round, applications should be submitted to the Grants Office, grantsoffice-fhml@maastrichtuniversity.nl
For more information regarding the KTF, please contact M. Berndes, funding advisor FHML, m.berndes@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Please arrange to have the scientific director of CARIM confirm his willingness and ability to provide the 50% matching in a supporting letter. Without this letter your application is not eligible. If you need support regarding your application, please contact CARIM's funding advisor Willem Wolters.

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